I got it ... how do I tell you?

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Sloan Brothers recently wrote "... 50% of the millions of small businesses in this country are currently not using any accounting software." We have the solution to this problem and for the 500,000 new small businesses that start each year.


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    I will not comment about the meat - a bit out of my field.
    However, regarding compatibility, our software (SBA) does NOT have to be compatible.
    What is necessary is:

    Your accountant should be able to view your data (database). We provide a FREE copy to all accounting professionals so that they can view their client`s database.
    SBA generates a report that matches - line by line - the IRS form that the client chooses: Schedule C (Form 1040), forms 1120, 1120 S or 1065 (partnership). After getting the blessing from the accountant, the client now has the choice of filling out the form himself or let the accountant do it.sba2006-9-29 19:34:27
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    As for this posting...Use Quicken.....No need to go in circles...I started with quicken and moved up to Quick Books Premier Edition.. The best....
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    You are not the "dumbest entrepreneur" just very human. It is our experience that no one will change horses (or accounting) in mid stream even if the horse is lame and slow. Our market is: new entrepreneurs that want easy start, easy data entry and instant understandable reports.
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