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New member from Cleveland, OH

littlefaceslittlefaces subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2009 in New Member Welcome
Little Faces here, from Cleveland. I`ve been at my homebased business for almost
three years now, diligently making...little faces! It`s "niche" jewelry to be sure. Fun,
inspired by my love of `50`s robots and designed for adults to wear. I`m an artist first,
which means that I still have everything to learn about running a business and getting
my brand out there. I`ve done some craft shows (mostly local) and am learning more
each year about good shows/bad shows. So far, shows have been a crazy amount
of work for very little return. I want to develop an e-commerce site, and have been
wondering if etsy.com would be worthwhile for me to venture into. Then there is the
wholesale/trade show/ rep route to consider. It`s only me making my jewelry. I sure would like to turn a profit without turning my studio into a night and day sweatshop, though hard work is fine with me.  Any words of wisdom or guidance out there? I love the idea of homebased business, but sometimes I feel as though I`m operating in
a total vacuum, and following my own advice too much leads me to an unproductive dead end!


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