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I have an idea for a live rant site and I could use some feedback on how to start.
My thinking is to go live every nite and rant about something and get a feedback from people who might be listening. Nothing would be taboo IE I would comment on anything.
Here is an example.
If I was Oprah I would look to america and perhaps build private low cost schools for the children here instead of Africa. And here is why, Who made this woman rich? Americans. Who watches her program? Americans. Who put her on that pedastal? Americans.
So I say to you Oprah, if you care so much about children then help educate ours.
Thats just one topic I could touch on, at this point I leave it open to veiwers to comment. And then read there comment back live on the internet. I think this could work.


  • thunderrodusthunderrodus Posts: 1subscriber
    Show me the example, and no everyone is at risk when it comes to a rant.
    On a lighter side I would like to say thanks, that,sthe kind of feedback I,m looking for.
  • thunderrodusthunderrodus Posts: 1subscriber
    You hit it right on. Now I could go back with your comment and say this. I could be wrong and if I am then it takes people like you to correct it. So I say thank you for perhaps showing myself and others how you would feel.
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    It`s easy to complain. I do it every day! It`s so much more difficult to captivate others attention and educate them on why or how a new way is better.I have thought about creating a "rant" blog... I decided it was counter productive. Everyone (and I mean everyone, because my views are so perfect) would agree with me, yet it doesn`t change a thing.BTW, "my views are perfect" was only to illustrate that no one`s views are perfect... even when they are... Figure that out.
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    I agree with Steve.  A blog would probably be the best way to accomplish this.  You could post video as well as audio.
    Oprah is self-made and I think it is great that she sees a great need for education in Africa and she`s doing something about it.  The only danger is there is so much corruption in those governments (yes, even more than in our own) that I fear her efforts may not be lasting.
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