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Hello everyone

SlowCookerMateSlowCookerMate subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2008 in New Member Welcome

I have been lurking for several months now and finally decided to join.  I don’t tend to join a lot of forums but I do tend to be very involved in the forums I do join.  I already know several of the product Moms on here from mompreneursonline.com.  It is great to see ya’ll here as well.

A little about me – I am a Mom of one priceless little girl and have been married to a wonderful DH for 12 years.  I am a CPA with a master’s degree in tax.  I had a very successful accounting practice for 14 years until I decided working 60-70 hours a week was not worth it.  So, I closed the practice to be with my family more.  Now that my DD is in school, I want to get back into business but definitely do not want the world of accounting.

A little about my business – I love to have a healthy dinner for my family every night but, like most working women, don’t have a lot of time or energy at the end of a work day to get dinner on the table.  For many years, I used my slow cooker but did not like the one pot meal.  After “retiring”, I had time on my hands and started experimenting with my slow cooker. 

I am in the process of launching SlowCookerMate.com.  The slow cooker I am bringing to market has a dish that allows an entrée to be cooked at the same time two side dishes are cooked.  No more one pot meals!  Now, I can use a slow cooker to cook stuffed beef steak, green beans almandine and orange carrots all at the same time.  If you are not sure what I am talking about, here is link that will help …


My site should be up soon (a couple more weeks) and I will post a thread for everyone to review it and leave comments.  I would greatly appreciate the constructive criticism.  I am also planning to have a “friends” page and will invite family friendly businesses/blogs to leave links.  The only catch, you have to be prepared to share.

I have garnered a tremendous amount of information from this site and hope that sharing my experiences will help others.  I can certainly give insight into product development and importing.

Rich & Jeff – Thanks for developing this site and (I can’t forget Troy here) love, love, love the radio.  You seem to be hitting every one of my topics.

Now it is my time to “Start it up!!”


  • cdbartworkcdbartwork subscriber Posts: 11
    Be sure to post your website once it is up and running.
    Good Luck!
    PS. I used my slow cooker to clean my metalwork once it was soldered.
  • RetiredMember5RetiredMember5 subscriber Posts: 0
    Welcome to the collective.   Glad to hear from you.  I LOVE your new business and product.   Can`t wait to learn more and find out where to buy it.  If you need assistance with your idea as to how to start, operate and grow your business in today`s web 2.0 world, you may want to reference our FREE entrepreneur guide as listed below for helpful resources.
    Again, CONGRATS on joining.  Best of Luck.
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