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Need advice on how to locate product.

DVDesignDVDesign subscriber Posts: 5
edited September 2008 in Business Planning
I need some advice. I was told by a partner that he would back me finacially if i found a supplier and did research etc.
My issue is im not sure how to find the products im looking for at prices that will allow me to compete in the ebay landscape.
To give some idea of what it is im looking for, lets say cables for instance. USB cables. What would be a good way to find wholesalers of such an item.
Without knowing, id assume there has to be companies in or from China that manufacture these types of items dirt cheap, but how would i go about finding them and then once i find them whats the general overview of how you introduce yourself.
Is this a process best done online, or over the phone or is this the kind of thing you fly over to see thier operations?
Im considering purchasing thousands of dollars worth of product, intially probably between 10 grand to 50 grand.
What would be good resources for finding such vendors/wholesalers/maufacturers?


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    nevadasculnevadascul subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    I would start by developing a concise description of what you want to buy and what you expect to pay per unit.  You also need to look at pricing for a large versus a small order.  Then, you can do a Google search for suppliers of your product.
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    DVDesignDVDesign subscriber Posts: 5
    Thanks, i simply searched for wholesale and have found a few promising sites. I am actually working on putting together a spread sheet for my research data.
    Would be nice to have more sources, i have a meeting tomorrow with a friend who might have some insight.
    We will see, thanks.
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