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Made changes to my errand running site

aaronserrandsaaronserrands subscriber Posts: 6
edited July 2007 in Website Critique
I made some of the recommended changes to my site please critique it again. All of you are so helpful.


  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    Videography2007-7-10 19:19:33
  • madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2
    i like it alot more! its to the point and leaves little to user to try and figure out. i would make a few small changes listed below:
    1 - change your font on the tag line - "we work you play" - its doesn`t pop - its a great line and you need to make it visible -
    2 - on the upper right you have your phone number and description : errand running service" while i like it there - i think you should either move it to the center / lower middle of the site and again make the description more visible, change the color/font.
    3 - it seems to have a feminine flair to it, colors ect... i would change that to more neutrals
    over all i like it and i think you have a great idea!
  • aaronserrandsaaronserrands subscriber Posts: 6
    what colors do you think would work?
  • madnonniemadnonnie subscriber Posts: 2
    aaron, i am not a graphics person in the least, only an end user with a little experience in the internet world. that was my opinion and others may disagree. that being said,  i would pose the question the group and go with the consensus. as a unbiased consumer i think you should make the colors a little more neutral. i always go to the top sites for direction, startupnation for instance, orange red blue green ect... you don`t want to go with the browns because it will kill the pop that you are trying to achieve - maybe even go with some crazy colors what ever just make it pop - you are on the right track, jeff
  • aaronserrandsaaronserrands subscriber Posts: 6
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    I think that I mentioned before, a page that is all flash is unsearchable, thus the search engines will never find you.  Also, some spam blocking software thinks that a page that is all flash (or all one image file) is spam.I am curious, though.  Why all flash?Overall, your improvements have made a tremendous difference in the quality of the site.  Like Craig, I don`t see the point of the slide show.  I suspect that the people who use your service will not be doing it to allow more time to party.  It`s going to be the busy executive who can`t leave the office but he absolutely needs his suit from the cleaners tomorrow morning.  It`s going to be the housewife who has ten things on the plate and remembers the dog`s grooming appointment.One thing that`s seriously missing from your home page is - where are you?  Maybe the "Serving Broward and Palm Beach counties in Central Florida." should go with the phone number.  I shouldn`t have to go to the "Contact Us" page to find out that you aren`t even in my state.  (This is a common mistake).Steve Mann
  • rrunnerrrunner subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi, when I think of targeting the upper class,  I would maybe consider losing the cutesy pictures and some simple, more elegant colors like a beige/maroon color scheme for example.  but like I said, I`m far from being any sort of marketing expert.  Simply put, I have a hard time picturing a C.E.O. pushing his wife around in a grocery cart or he/she even considering the idea fun.  I do however like your set-up as far as things being easy to find.  I sincerely hope I didn`t offend you.  I will be putting up my web-site soon for everyone critique so be sure to have at it!!!    Good luck with your business!
  • cma01cma01 subscriber Posts: 0
    Beyond what others have already posted, my main comment would be that if you are only going to have a one column site, I would make it fixed width and narrower.  The eyes really wander going back and forth across the page.I`m not sure who your target market is, but that pink says elementary school to me.Some other pinks that might work would be:Cerise #DA3287Cerise Red #DE3163Charm  #D47494 (a little more greyed)Deep Blush #E47698Flirt #A2006DFrench Rose #F64A8AFresh Eggplant #990066Hibiscus #B6316CHollywood Cerise #F400A1 (this is  very close to what you have but not so bubble gummy)Hot Pink #FF69B4Jazberry Jam #A50B5E
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