We want to pay employee school--how should we?

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As a benefit to our employees, I`d like to pay their college or other types of additional education. How to go about that is the question.My thoughts are that we would do something like:Up to $1200 per semester100% for 3.8 or better75% for 3.5 or better50% for 3.0 or better25% for 2.5 or betterPaid as a reimbursement at the end of each semesterWhat works for you? What are your thoughts on this? Do employees appreciate this? Good or bad side-effects?We only have two employees and both are in college. We will potentially hire a third (working on his Masters). So this could affect three employees total within the next few weeks. 


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    This is very unusal for any small business based on my experiences. I commend you for offering this incentive. I think your $1200 per semester is a nice sum. I know some larger companies that pay more, but for a small business, this is excellent. And I imagine you picked the $1200 figured based on what you can afford at this time.
    The one thing I would suggest is to eliminate the 2.5 grade incentive level. Personally, if they can`t reach a 3.0, no reimbursement. If you set a low mark to hit, someone will hit it. Set the benchmark high - it is a reflection on you and your company and the employees will know you expect the best out of them and will want to continue working with you and other quality employees.
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