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Check out my site please...

DustinDustin subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2008 in Website Critique
  Hello all,
Check out my site www.myrehabguy.com this is an opt in page (long copy) so just check it out then go to www.myrehabguy.com/Home for the main site. I have not messed with meta tags yet, but put your ideas out there... Thanks..


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    sullivankasullivanka subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey Dustin
    Your squeeze page is good, but as I was reading, the pop-up appeared and the whole page went foggy except the pop-up.  I know this is the whole idea, but perhaps a little more time to read would be good. 
    I was confused by your Home page.  I think that the 4 boxes should be a little lower down and the info about what you do should be above the fold.  I have not heard of renos being called rehabs so I was very confused by the name of your site and what you do.  This could be because I live in a different area than you though, but it is something to think about. 
    http://thesavvyva.comsullivanka10/14/2008 2:23 PM
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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    The first link ..... get rid of the pop up .... overall, it looks like a standard "I have a great plan to make you wealthy if you fork over some money to me" kind of website .... I`ve seen enough of them that, personally, I wouldn`t put any stock into it .... that is just my opinion based on my browsing experiences, others may not see it the same way .... maybe you do offer something different, but it follows the same standard layout and sales pitch set up that many "Pay me for my secret" sites follow .... so I would suggest a new layout and approach for more credibility .... again, just my opinions.
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    DustinDustin subscriber Posts: 1
    I actually do have something of value, and there is nothing to "buy". But that is what I thought the page looked like too. So, I will be changing it, because I believe I`m losing business. That is what I was looking for, thanks!!!
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