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Before you start.....

DeafCeoDeafCeo subscriber Posts: 3
edited October 2006 in Selecting a Business
I jump headfirst into this site.... and I slowwwwwwwwwwwww down and realize this is an one of kind website with MBA material and wise ones
But to truly appericate the purpose of Startupnation website.. I Strongly urge yall to get a copy of the Sloan`s brothers book. Jeff and Rich Sloan are very straightforward in their book.
Like I said in another thread, I was like oh great another how to book. BAD BAD BAD BAD MISTAKE on my part.
It will be Nov 1 2006 tomorrow. This book has been in print since June 2005.
Can you imagine where you could have been now if you have pick up the book right away?
Shoot you could have done YouTube.com!
March 2000 the NASDAQ was trading at 5,000 and if I am correct it is fluttering around the 11,000 mark.
Now I see the importance of doing a life plan before the business plan.
You got to read this site and get the book. I see the book is like a companion guide to the site but it is very in-depth.
I am not going to front, this is the FIRST time that I am actually writing in a book. I am writing notes and ideas on each pages and I am just understanding the concept of a LIFE PLAN.
One thing I got to give respect about Jeff and Rich, is they have strong level of preservance. And really believe in the battery buddy. Three years till they got the funding? Wow that is PERSERVANCE! Faith in thy product.
Another thing I learn while I was reading chaper 2, is that having a business isn`t about money. But it is a lifestyle!
I could go on and on. But I am going to say.. THANK YOU JEFF AND RICH for doing this site and writing the best damn business book! When I become a millionaire/billionaire, just let me know what is your favorite charity and I will cut the charity a check.
So if you are newbie to this site... PLEASE DO YOURSELF and the other a favor.. GET THE book!
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