When is animation a good idea for a website?

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I`m in the process of developing a new website for some characters I`ve been working on. Does anyone know how best to use animation on a website? How long it takes to create and what kind of costs are involved?
The website is aimed a younger audience and their parents. They`re childrens characters.
Any experience or advice in this area is appreciated.
Thank you.
Des Shanahan.


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    Thank you both for your replies.
    I thought flash might be the best medium.
    The website is to serve as an introduction to the characters for the now. There are four characters. I have a character sheet for each. I have had some artistic impressions done of them and I now wish to use the website as a means to promote a book that I am working on containing the four characters.
    At this stage a short (5-10 seconds) animation for each character along with a bio would support what I am trying to achieve. The animation is merely to introduce the characters individually with their attributes. The home page will have links to each character page where a short animation will accompany their bio. I don`t think any character interaction is neccessary at this stage.
    Would be good to have sound...
    Steve, if  you`ve any contacts that have flash experience, I`d love to speak with them. You`re on the right lines with Dora the explorer! Simple characters coupled with learn through adventure stories.
    The age bracket is the 4-8 year old group.  
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