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Social Networks... good for startups?

DesSDesS subscriber Posts: 3
edited August 2007 in Marketing
Hi all..
I`m interested to hear of any experiences people have had when launching, if you`ve used social networks as a way to reach a select bunch of like minded people who you think may act as a market catalyst?
I`ve just finished reading a really interesting book called the tipping point by macolm gladwell which provides some clever insights into how new ideas/products can take off by socialising them within a small community initially. With the right message to the right people it can trigger a "virus" like effect amongst that group and beyond, helping an idea get off the ground..I am launching a web based business soon with limited marketing dollars and am thinking of ways to drive traffic/demand without blowing the budget!
Any comments/thoughts ??


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    DesSDesS subscriber Posts: 3
    The website will be (drumroll as it`s not live yet) www.bumblejums.com</A>  Bumblejums are the Guardians of the Environment - characters for kids to help them understand the relationship bewteen respecting the environment and enjoying it.
    Brian - your site is cool! I used to play in a band and still get out the geetar every so often.. I am going to send this a couple of my mates right now back in the UK who still play in bands
    Good lesson here about humor (or humour as we spell on our side of the pond!) being a key to the viral effect 
    couldn`t get airplane to load for some reason..
    maybe you could increase email registration by giving people something other than a message saying you are launching?, like give us your email we`ll send our newsletter on songwriting tips, hottest venues to get spotted, etc. 
    Something else that would be funny on your site is having fake fashions - see how your face suits jagger`s style or bono`s swagger??
    Steve, like your tip on dropping plot teasers out there.. kids love that stuff telling their friends in advance that they know stuff.
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    gepong2000gepong2000 subscriber Posts: 0
    i think this fast growing socializing website might be of use to you. it`s spreading like a virus now. you can build your network there and make a blog etc etc, you can also put paid ads on the site, which i believe costs low. socializing website gepong20002007-8-22 1:42:54
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    prettygirl80650prettygirl80650 subscriber Posts: 0
    I am currently using using a growing social network called Yuwie i love it i have met alot of people off of it.. to me the more friends the merrier
    hope that helps
    Pretty @ http://www.yuwie.com/yuwie.asp?r=12870</A> 
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    WebDropsWebDrops subscriber Posts: 3
    social networking sure helps... but
    this is for sure abiding by the rules and regulations is equally
    important.... some of the social media sites can definitely help you
    boost up your traffic... but (as i read some where) building up a
    reputation in the community.... is really critical coz people will
    believe what you say only if they believe in you...

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    rookapsrookaps subscriber Posts: 10
    I recently read an article about http://www.Xing.com a social and businessnetworking site.  I joined and am still learning the ropes of social/business networking.  However, I tapered back on the info that was in my public profile -- i.e., address, etc. after recieving  messages from a member that said he lived near me -- needless to say his messages were less than business related.  That was a little unnerving. But Xing seems to be a very active networking site with over 36 million business profiles from folks all over the world.  Has anyone else had experience with Xing?
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    BeeBooBeBeeBooBe subscriber Posts: 5
    Social networks could be good place for your business if it fits web 2.0 idea.Actually... I have a great web2.0 idea and a lot of small ideas around it. I would be like a social website for anyone who loves landscaping, gardens and so on, and for professional landscapers. But I`m still thinking what I can do with this idea...
    BeeBooBe2007-8-21 3:12:46
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