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How to find out age of website??

premiumpowertrainpremiumpowertrain subscriber Posts: 2
Hello everyone! This is my first post here on StartupNation, but I have been reading and trying to soak up as much info as I can from the site for the last few months. Does anyone know of a good resource  to find out the age of a website?  I have been told both ways that age of a site does and doesnt matter and would like to do some comparisons for myself but I am running into a wall here. My site has been up since January of 2007, and after hiring a SEO firm, I am still not doing as well in the SERP`s as I would like. Any info/ resources that you could provide would be greatly appreciated!


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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Age of a web site? The domain records might give you some indication or you can go to http://www.archive.org/web/web.php and enter the domain... to see older versions of the web site.
    BUT... what does it matter? Important for you (to improve SERP) is your site`s content, SEO, and promotion.  If your targeted keywords are highly competitive them look at what your top competition has done (is doing) to get their SERP  (However, I would have expected your SEO person would have done that).
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    As far as your site http://www.premiumpowertrain.com/, it has few link backs and I do not think any appropriate SEO just looking at your site`s text cache in Google: ... en&strip=1

    Your title tag is too long, you do not have any h1 h2.. etc tags and not of your site links use any of your targeted key words.
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    DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    Does anyone know of a good resource  to find out the age of a website?  

    http://Alexa.com will give you the information you`re seeking.
    Dale King
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    texasbentexasben subscriber Posts: 0
    This is the best site out there to check not only when the domain was registered, but who owns it and there contact info -->  http://lookup.ws/whois.php
    It`s a double secret SEO ninja trick. Shhhh...don`t tell anyone! Real SEO people would of told you this. Also 99% of so called SEO companies are a joke, my clients tell me that all the time and I see it everyday. 
    Next the length of time a domain is registered DOES effect to a certain degree how Google will rank you. You want to always register a new or existing website at least 3-5 years in advance. Reason being spam sites don`t register more then a year typically, because they know 9/10 of them will get blacklisted or shut down. In Google papers they actualy stated they do give some relevance to the age of the domain and website.

    Common sense clue #1

    You check there Google keyword rankings, incoming links, and page rank. I see SEO companies all the time with zero - PR2, a ousy dozen or few hundred incoming links. For example SEO company let`s say in Dallas, Texas. They would want to rank for say Dallas Texas SEO, Texas SEO, SEO Texas, Dallas SEO firm, SEO firm Dallas, etc, If they can`t get there market and industries ltop rankings in SE, how they hell are they going to get it for another company. Make sense?

    Common sense clue #2

    If there so good at SEO then why don`t they build there OWN real businesses. Like I do in many different offline industries, I consult and do high end copywriting relucantly. I`m too busy building my own businesses, same goes for most top SEO`s in the world.
    Brad Fallon for example of www.myweddingfavors.com built in three years with almost all FREE organic search engine traffic a $20MILLION dollar  a year business. He and his wife NEVER owned there own retail busines before and started with a $50 yahoo store set up.
    Real simple 80% of SEO in link building or off page optimization, 20% is on page SEO.
    Go to http://www.marketleap.com/publinkpop/default.htm or

    http://www.submitexpress.com/linkpop/ put in any website link and it will show you the incoming links (note this is different when you use many different checkers and Google will never tell you all of them. It`s why Google is mysterious!) marketleap one will be much lower then the other one.
    If your site doesn`t have at least 1,000+  that`s not good. 99% of websites online don`t even hit 1,000 links.That`s the key. Quality and thousands of incoming links!!
    Hope that helps man,

    X-treme Consulting
    Austin, TX
    "We Dare You To Take Your Business To The Xtreme!"

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    DavidJacksonDavidJackson subscriber Posts: 143 Silver Level Member
    This is the best site out there to check not only when the domain was registered, but who owns it and there contact info -->  http://lookup.ws/whois.php It`s a double secret SEO ninja trick. Shhhh...don`t tell anyone!
        Ben, your information is solid for the most part. However, I disagree with you on a few key points. First of all,  WHOIS  is hardly a secret. The massive amount amount of traffic it receives is evidence of that. Also, if someone uses private registration or a proxy, you don`t have access to  all of their information. And I don`t buy that nonsense about "My own seo rankings suck because I`m too busy taking care of my clients!" That`s a load of bull! The seo experts I know manage to rank their own sites highly, as well as their clients.  In addition, it`s not necessary  to register a domain 3-5 years in advance to receive respect from the search engines. You can register a new domain for 3-5 years, put it online now and the search engines will still show you love. That being said, domains that are at least 3 years old generally do better with the search engines than newer domains, provided the rest of their seo house is in order. Finally, while we all would like to have a thousand inbound links pointing to our sites, it`s certainly not necessary to have that many links to be successful. There are many, many sites that are hugely successful,  and they don`t have anything close to a thousand inbound links. David JacksonDavidJackson4/3/2009 3:01 PM
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    texasbentexasben subscriber Posts: 0
    I have to strongly disagree with you on somethings. First I was kidding about ninja secret about that site. So for God sakes lighten up.
    And yes I know if someone pays godaddy or some other domain site that can hide there personal contact info and use a registered domain agent instead. But most don`t because it`s an added cost.
    Next part I guess you didn`t read the post very well, I said TRUE SEO consultants DO have great SEO rankings for there own websites. I`m in agreement with you there.
    Your totally wrong I can point out to every top SEO in the world, like Aaron Wall, Brad Fallon, Danny Sheridan, Bruce Clay (he and Danny invented the term SEO actually) and EVERYONE of them states that aging domain helps some.
    I`m not saying someone can`t rank well or #1 in Google without it having pre-registered a domain 3-5 years. Let`s say Google has 100 (probably more) different factors that go into there formula for search rankings, ONE of the 100 factors is the age of the domain. I`ve read the Google patent papers it says as much.
    Next I said its the quality of links and yes quantity. Show me a top site with less then 1,000 links. You can`t because that is so beyond low. For example your blog has 9 links according to marketleap.com and 1,817 according to submitexpress.com
     X-treme Consultingwww.benjordanconsulting.com
    Austin, TX
    "We Dare You To Take Your Company, To The X-treme!"
    texasben4/3/2009 3:07 PM
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    DavidJacksonDavidJackson subscriber Posts: 143 Silver Level Member

    David, first I was kidding about ninja secret about that site. So for God sakes lighten up.    Not knowing you or your sense of humor, I had no way of knowing that you were kidding. So, perhaps it`s you who should lighten up. Regarding the rest of your response, if you take a deep breath and carefully read my response, you`ll see that I was agreeing with you on most of your assertions. I just disagreed with the way you articulated certain points. I was merely attempting to clarify those points to make them less confusing. It wasn`t so much what you said, but how you said it that I had a problem with. Be that as it may, I have no interest in getting into a juvenile back and forth with you. That`s not good for the forum. We`re obviously two strong personalities that don`t see eye to eye on certain things. Unfortunately, that happens on occassion in forums. So, let`s just agree to disagree and move on. David JacksonDavidJackson4/3/2009 5:12 PM
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40

    I am a little confused. How do links from blogs, social networking sites and places like this help your website?   Thanks.  Simply stated - three ways...(1) IF the link from the forum or blog (or any other site) is a text link that used your targeted keywords, it will help your site in search results for those key words. (2) A link from a popular site, blog, forum can add value to your site, assuming the inbound link come from a site that Google considers on high value/quality. (3) A link (assuming it is not a nofollow link) to your site from a popular website will get your site visited faster and more often by the various search bot/spiders. ~Rolandvwebworld4/11/2009 11:06 PM
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40

    Roland, Thank you.  1 and 3 are easy to get ones head around, but where do I go to find out how Google values a certain website? Every time I learn one thing...I have to learn 3 more!
     One way to identify valued sites are those that appear in the top 10 on google search results. You could also consider the website`s page rank - but that # is not curretn and gets updated from time to time. ~Roland
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    DavidJacksonDavidJackson subscriber Posts: 143 Silver Level Member
    Where do I go to find out how Google values a certain website?

    Google 101 

    David Jackson
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    ahnaliaahnalia subscriber Posts: 0
    I use cubestat.com to find information on a website.
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    venmalathyvenmalathy subscriber Posts: 0
    You can check the Domain name at using the site Whoisxy.com
    It shows Domain name creation and Expiration sate using that You can calculate the Domain name age.
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