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Growing Pains?

drdesignsdrdesigns subscriber Posts: 1
I have some questions and wondered if any of you would mind steering
me in the right direction. This forum amazes me with all the knowledge it

I thought it more efficient to put these questions all in one place, rather
than start three different threads.

1. A company in another state has expressed an interest in hiring me, on
an on-going basis, to produce some direct mail pieces. What type of a
simple contract would I use in this case? It needs to be open-ended,
instead of a project by project basis. I`m anticipating these will be quick,
simple projects. We`ve discussed my fee and billing practices. I will be
billing them once a month.

2. This will be my first "blind" client, meaning it was not a referral where I
either knew someone who worked there or trusted whoever
recommended them to me. So, being this client is in another state, how
do I check them out?

3. And last - and this is probably a stupid question. How do you go about
hiring some help? I`ve resisted in the past, keeping the attitude that I like
my down time. It does after all, give me time with my daughter and time
to take care of routine business chores that always seem to be put off.
But saying I like my down time isn`t really true. When I have down time, I
get so stressed - the truth is I love to work. I`ve also realized to attract
and keep some larger clients, I need someone who can step in and assist
as I need them. For the first time this year I`ve had to turn away a major
client, because of commitments I already had. One idea I`ve had is to hire
a design student. You know, someone I can mold to do things the way I
like them done. There is a community college a couple of miles from my
home and I`m acquainted with the department head over graphics. Then
I`ve wondered if it would be better to partner with another designer
locally, me give them overflow and they give me overflow. The trouble
with that is I`m not sure it would be that simple.

I`d love to hear some of your experiences. What worked well for you and
what didn`t work. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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    NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
    Kudos to you for thinking of college students!  Most local community college and public university(s) have a co-op students and/or internship programs.  Depending on how their programs are set up, the co-op or internship may require the student`s time to either be compensated or volunteered.  Either way it is win-win relationship: you get help and the co-op student/intern gets practical experience.   Plus the college`s program coordinator or director typically will walk you through their hiring process and their reporting processes. 
    Best wishes!
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    drdesignsdrdesigns subscriber Posts: 1
    Nicole, thanks for the reply.

    I hope to meet with the community college in the next couple of weeks. I
    also have a designer who used to work for me (back in the corporate
    world) that has taken on overflow work in the past. But she has two
    children of under the age of two and an old computer. I thought she had
    stopped designing, but she called last night to ask my advice on a "spec`

    I checked out your profile. Love your pictures. I agree with you, teenagers
    are wonderful.
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    NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
    Sounds like your off to a good start with having two options on the table.  Besides it is always a good thing to have options...especially if your business grows overnight! 
    Please keep me posted on how things turn out. 
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