Using Logo Contests without the contest getting googled.

thedoctor123thedoctor123 subscriber Posts: 1
I would love to use one of the logo contests (e.g. sitepoint) to create a logo for my website.  However, I do not want the contest googled.  I don`t want future customers googling my website and seeing that I was looking for someone to create my logo.  To me it looks unprofessional.  Is there anyway to prevent this and/or any websites that prevent their contests from being googled by default or have that feature included?  Thanks.


  • LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    I do think that is yet another issue with using such contest sites.  When making use of such a resource you get what you pay for - and one of their primary objectives is going to be to drive traffic back to their own site to sell more of the "logo product" being offered. - J.
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