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Hello everybody!There are lots of freelancernetworks like,,, .... I want to get some jobs done (Data and research jobs...) - do you know which one is the best network, where are te most registered users? Which site works best?Thank you a lot for your help!John


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    Depend on the kind of services you are looking for. There are also niche ones, where you can get better service in a specific area.freelancercrowd4/18/2009 5:20 AM
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    I`ve used Elance for a variety of jobs, ranging from:Logo DesignWebsite DesignWebsite DevelopmentAdministrative TasksStatistical Analysis
    Its definitely a great place to start your search.  I`d strongly recommend you take the time to research any potential freelancers and if possible, interview them before assigning the winning bid.  The quality of work on Elance varies as widely as the prices do.
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