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easy startup: Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint Outsourcing

creer222creer222 subscriber Posts: 2
Hello Everybody!

I worked in a few companies so far doing administrative and consulting
jobs. What I realize in every company was, that all the people are
working with Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint all the time, often doing
very easy work everybody could do - they waste time...

Now my idea: Today companies need to be more flexible and the amout
of work load is changing strongly from time to time. But companyies
can`t hire and fire people as fast. What do you think about a company
that does this Excel and Powerpoint work for other companies? This
would enable businesses to concentrate on their core competences, they
can be more flexible and don`t need to hire and fire people so much.
Businesses could send their files to the Outsourcing company with a
description which work has to be done and the OS Company does the work
and sends it back.

Do you think that be an interesting idea? Do you think companies
would use this kind of service to be more flexible and concentrated?

Businesses might not outsource their day to day work because
already have full time employees. It`s probably more interesting for
companies doing project work where the work load changes a lot. In peak
situation they can`t hire so fast so they could use this new
excel/powerpoint outsourcing service.

I discovered that there are alreday companies doing that kind of things: http://inteleants.com/
- is an India based company (cheap employees in India) doing exactly
what my idea is and more, they are offering a lot more services.

Do you think a similar company can be successful in the US
employing people here in the United States (e.g. cheap college
students)? because I think in the beging when I don`t have so much
money I can`t effort to open an office in India...

thanks a lot for your feedback!



  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    just so i understand, are you saying you would be an outsource resource for individual excel and powerpoint projects?
    if so, i think this is a VERY interesting area to explore. it comes down to issues of "comfort" and "confidentiality" of information, and your ability to understand the vision of the customer with enough granularity that you can NAIL what they`re looking for.
    also, just the nature of people, projects will often be "urgent" due to people`s likely procrastination/last minute habit patterns. will you be able to react/deliver?
    very cool idea.
  • creer222creer222 subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks Aaron, Vincent and Rich for your interessing and innovative comments!I`m wondering how I could organize my advertising... I also think craiglist is a great place to advertise. What do you think about google ads? I think most of the people searching for a service do this on google.Do you think I should concentrate on online or offline advertising?thanks so much!John
  • TimeSaverTimeSaver subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi John,

    The idea is a good one BUT...most larger companies in corporate America
    have people like me (a Sr. Admin.) who takes care of Power Point
    presentations and Excel worksheets.  Most Admins and Sr. level
    secretaries are trained in Microsoft Office applications

    I do, however, think that this idea would work for smaller companies
    that do not have admins. as full-time employees.  When I was a
    temp., I used to do a lot of this kind of work.  Now that I am
    full-time, I run around helping managers, directors and executives make
    a well-polished product that they will use in high-level presentations
    to show to their bosses or clients.  There is a lot of work...but
    just enough for a full-time admin. like myself to complete without them
    having to hire temps.

    My business idea is to offer my services to SMALLER companies that can
    not afford to keep admins or executive assistants on salary with full
    benefits and other compensation that is due to full-time
    employees.  I think this is the way to go.  You have to
    convince prospective clients that your services will help them save
    TIME and MONEY.  This should not be too hard to prove if  you
    just tell the how much it would cost to pay for benefits alone for a
    full-time employee, not including their salary.

    Hope this helps.  Good luck to you!


    Entrepeneur in San Diego, CA
  • racks-30racks-30 subscriber Posts: 0
    There are lot of company in internet which offer PowerPoint Templates and excel services but how will you judge company whether it is a good or bad so always check portfolio of that company . after checking portfolio , Price is also matter . Outsourcing is good for price because they can take less money for execution .
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