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Angel Investors



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    AceAce subscriber Posts: 0

    Wow, you are asking me to put into two or three paragraphs  the activity that took me three years and over $350,000 to create, I am afraid I can`t do it.  However, here is a link to a letter that might interest you: http://www.utsupply.com/funding.asp.  Once you have read the letter and still have an interest, I will be pleased to give you the link to our complete on-line business plan for your review.I do thank you for this opportunity and if there are any further questions that you may have, please feel free to contact me.RespectfullyUniversal Tool Supply, Inc.Horace D. HolmesPresident
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    EKErrandsExpressEKErrandsExpress subscriber Posts: 1
    Watergal:  If you are still looking for GL insurance, I have a contact for you.  I am the owner of EK Errands Express, a personal assistant, errand & concierge service in Indianapolis.  I started this business in April 2004 (researched it about 6 months prior to starting up).  I pioneered a "errand/concierge insurance program" and would be happy to pass the name of the retail agent along to you.  This program is available to anyone who desires to open an errand/concierge/PA business and is not dependent upon any type of membership.  After a year we should have negotiating power as we will have proved our numbers in those who are starting this type of business up.  There are only a couple of companies that provide "shopping & errands" categories.  One of them writes in all states and the other is limited to just a few states.  Please contact me at Jackie@EK-Errands-Express.com</A> and I will be happy to point you to the agent.  Also, be sure and put StartUpNation Post in the subject line so I know its you and won`t just delete!   Thanks - Jackie
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    momvampmomvamp subscriber Posts: 0
      Hay I`m new to this and I`m trying to start up a business, need all the help I can get I`m in Ohio, and I`m a female going into a male dominated world. I am trying to syart up a trucking company , so any and all help out ther will be greatly excepted.
     Diana owner of D&M Trucking
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    animekidanimekid subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi. I`m not sure if there are any Angel investers who get into financing  ventures that  are retail based and are familiar with  the areas of card games  like Magic  the Gathering, Miniautres gaming like  Hero Clix, and  the  Anime field, but my  dream  would be to open a  store that  retails  these items, but this would not be your ordinary , run  of the mill retail outlet. This would be a themed area store. There would be a themed area for Anime, Comics, and a themed area for card games. If there is anyone in this forum that might be interested or knows someone has an interest in this field, please contact me. I can also see the potential for  this business becoming a franchise in the future.Anime Kid
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    LipstickmogulLipstickmogul subscriber Posts: 6
    Hi Harold:
    Have a great time. I did my pitch a couple of months ago, Rich and Jeff are great to talk to on the show. You will be at ease and have a great time doing your pitch!
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    animekidanimekid subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Rich. Thanks for the bit of info. I will be asking alot more questions of you about my " Dream Business ". I do actually have a clear picture of the business, but I will have to do some research about the market where I live and all the other things that are entailed with this.
    Anime Kid
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    qworxqworx subscriber Posts: 0
    Great Forum!!!
    Q works will be an after market accessories broker  that will allow customers of all  market segments to purchase a vehicle and personalize it online with a large variety  (over 1,000) of different options (installed under warranty), and have their personalized vehicle delivered directly to them in less time and  money that it takes to customize their own vehicles at home. In less than 5 years we will be networking with over 5,000 installation facilities, and increase the investors investment by greater than 5 times . The automotive after market accessories industry is a 31 billion dollar (and growing) industry (roughly the size of the NFL) this plan will  target and capture ten percent of that industry before it is acquired by a large automotive company..
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