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Angel Investors

DerekPadulaDerekPadula subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2006 in Elevator Pitches
Ahh Angel
Investors, just the words themselves sound pleasant.  They are
those magnanimous and wonderful beings who are going to make our dreams
come true!  Of course as the Sloan brothers say during the start of their radio show, there`s
more to receiving their help than simply saying "I need 4 million
dollars" and then waiting for the money to fall in your lap.

why I`ve started this topic, to help the community of startupnation
entrepeneurs find and link up with Angel`s who are interested in

This is the place where you can feel free to express your new business
idea`s in the hopes that a heavenly eye will be watching the boards, or
that one of our wonderful members might know someone with a lot of
money that`s just dying to give it away to the right person.

So here`s the basic format:

Try to give a simple elevator pitch, only in the written word rather
than spoken, that explains your business, who you are, what you`re
doing or where you`re going, and why you need the money.  Do all
of this in less than a minute (2-3 paragraphs) and keep it nice and

That`s it!

If you`ve got a great pitch then by all means post it on the
forum.  If there`s somebody who can help you out then I`m sure
they`ll be in touch.

So that`s my goal; to bring the community of startupnation to the investors, and the investors to the community.


  • PamisuePamisue subscriber Posts: 0
    I have a new start up.  It is a pretty big venture.  I am already selling many retailers and have licenses with some of the "big" guys.  I am very interested in finding an angel.
    I realize you say just to write a few paragraphs but isn`t there somewhere that these "angels" go to look for opportunities?
  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    to bring the community of startupnation to the investors, and the investors to the communityThanks for this Derek - that`s actually a piece of our overall goal with the community site in general, and I thought I`d add that additional services that help make this type of connection happen are in the works.  Having a forum topic about it is certainly great, and I`d encourage everyone to participate, just want to make sure to acknowledge that it`s a known issue we`re working on making easier.And if you have any feedback like this, about features or functionality you`d like to see, PLEASE send it on to us through the feedback link at top left or by sending any of us messages directly.  That`s what the beta is all about - working with you to help make the best community site and features possible.
  • KDWKDW subscriber Posts: 0
    I just heard of Angel Investors earlier today and am very interested in connecting with someone who might be interested in investing in the latest exercise business.  In Nov. 05, I opened an Exotic dance, Pole Dance, fitness studio that also provides Pilates classes.  We have built our image on providing women with a warm, beautiful and safe environment in which to exercise while re-awakening their sensuality. 
    Additional events have included birthday and bridal parties, girls night out affairs and we have hosted Latin Dance Nights, where singles and couples can come in a learn one of the spiciest dances and a chance to network.  The opportunities are endless.
    We have had a radio interview, feature in a community newspaper business section and are scheduled for a local TV segment next week, but we are in need of capital for stablization of current operations and an aggressive marketing program.  Our product line is solid and my instructors are phenomenal.  In addition, this is a new service in our area, so the competition is "light" and now is the time to grow and capitalize on a business that has been booming on the West coast for a few years. Waiting to hear from an Angel!
  • AwesomeAssistantAwesomeAssistant subscriber Posts: 0
    First let me say that I LOVE THIS FORUM!!!  I have learned so much in the just the last two days!  It`s fabulous! I sure could use an angel -  here`s my pitch.
    After over 15 years in the corporate world I started my own Personal Assistant/Concierge Service called We`re At Your Service, LLC.
    It`s a statistical fact - there are 16 million two income families in the U.S.  Long gone are the days of the husband/father working to provide for the family and the wife/mother staying at home to take care of the children and run the household. 
    If everyone is working who is taking care of everything else?  That`s where we come in.  We do everything - grocery shopping, driving you to an appointment at the hair salon or to the Doctor, checking in on an elderly loved one, picking up party favors for a birthday and so much more.  We do it all with respect, responsibility, warmth and humor. 
    We think that everyone has been in a situtaion where they have needed to be two places at one time.  For example, if you are at work and your child forgets their lunch money or homework  what do you do? Or when your AC unit breaks down the day of your big meeting? Simple - you call us.  We`re At Your Service!
    The word concierge is fancy. It intimidates people which is why we prefer Personal Assistants.  After all, our business is helping people.
    I hope that was not too long - I  just get excited!
    Any interested angels please check out my web site!
  • watergalwatergal subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    Awesome Assistant, love your website, I am in NJ and I am almost done
    with my startup which is called "tomsriverconcierge.com". I would like
    to ask, if you dont mind, how many people are in your business? It`s
    only me right now and some of my services are like yours and some are
    different. I noticed that you offer web design amongst other services.
    Do you do all these things yourself? if so you must be very talented!
    or do you hire contractors for other services that you don`t do?
    Also I saw your pricing and I dont know anything about dallas at all,
    but do you find that people think your pricing is competitive on the
    majority?  Since I am alone right now at this, I would prefer
    services scheduled in advance so I am thinking that you must have other
    people that are working with/for you. One last thing, I need bonding
    and liability insurance, do you have any info on that for me. (sorry
    for all the questions, but this is a first time business for me) and
    there really arent any other concierge business in my state that I am
    aware of.
    Appreciate your comments so much and thank you!
    jo in NJ
  • AwesomeAssistantAwesomeAssistant subscriber Posts: 0
    Right now the business is me and my mother.  I do think that very soon there will be too much work for just the two of us to handle.  We do everything ourselves.  Our skill sets compliment each other.  I feel like our pricing is very competitive, lower than others that provide services in Dallas.  As far as the insurance goes I am lucky that I have a friend that is an insurance person so I just told her what I was doing and she took care of everything else.  She also does other insurance so a good place to start may be calling your agent and asking them if they can help you and if not can they tell you who can.  I hope I have answered all your questions.  There are books out there that you can buy - some of them not too expensive.  Feel free to email me anytime.  Best of luck!
  • watergalwatergal subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    To Awesome Assistant
    Thanks for getting back to me. Its tough just 2 people, I myself am alone in this
    venture - I saw on your site that you also advertise for contractors. That is
    very interesting to me. Do you have success with people getting back to you?
    Do you have to check out their backgrounds, to see if they have adequate
    insurance, complaints filed against them, criminal background (heck you
    never know!). Do they tell you what they charge and then you take a % of
    it for yourself, if so how much would be reasonable?
    I know your`e very busy and probably cant get back to me right away
    but when you can I would appreciate hearing back. Thanks !
  • watergalwatergal subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    another thing please
    how do you advertise in your area? do customers appreciate the type of
    service that you and your mom are providing for them? do they comment
    on the rates at all? or do they feel it is competitive?  and what
    kind of services are popular ?
    Also will you hiring employees maybe in the future (that will use their
    own vehicles)? or using contractors for errands? Cause that would be a
    problem for me with car accidents, and insurance too.
    I feel one day this business will be all over but right now in NJ, there is nothing at all. Tks again
  • TinyTiny subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello All!
       I have been striping parking lots and doing related
    asphalt maintainence for over 11 years. I just was layed off (again)
    from the car business and want to transition into marking parking lots
    full time. I have most of the basic equipment and stencils,etc. needed
    but have them in my shed and I am looking for some seed money to pay
    some household bills and to purchase an enclosed trailer to keep from
    having to transport all of my "stuff" from the shed to my truck at the
    beginning and at the end of each day. I also need to get a web site
    running and a second phone line & number. I already have several
    jobs underway and a few done but payment is usually 60-90 days in
    coming and I have to pay paint bills,etc. as I await theer payments.
    Can someone help?
    Don Curtis
  • B2BpartnerB2Bpartner subscriber Posts: 0
    Dear Awesome Assistant
    Concierge services are a God-send! I`m trying to find someone local (Forest Lake, MN) and I haven`t found anyone yet. So my MOM is helping me. Sounds like this was how your business started!  
    This kind of business (Personal Assistant) is fascinating to me. Are you interested in franchising it? I know a team of people interested in starting this kind of business and it would be great to not have to reinvent the wheel.
    It might help you to know that I specialize in helping micro to small to mid-sized businesses with startup, identity, development and management systems that are super affordable, dramatically effective (they pay for themselves very quickly), and easy for anyone to use. Our systems are so effective that they provide the foundation for franchising a business.
    Kind regards,
    B2B Partner (St. Paul area of Minnesota)
    "Emerging Business Systems equip a small to mid-sized business with the tools to LOOK, FEEL, and RUN like a Fortune 500 Company!"
  • AwesomeAssistantAwesomeAssistant subscriber Posts: 0
    No one has contacted us about the contractors yet - but yes we would have to check them all out first - can`t recommend anyone that we didn`t know/trust
  • AwesomeAssistantAwesomeAssistant subscriber Posts: 0
    we have done fliers, not a great response on that, joined the local chambers of commerce, donated services for a silent auction (I bid an won a banner ad for 1 year) when we joined the chambers we got free ads in the local papers, we go around almost every Friday and pass out business cards and free homemade candy to local businesses, networking
    hope that helps
  • AwesomeAssistantAwesomeAssistant subscriber Posts: 0
    I hadn`t thought of that but everyone I talk to loves the idea and wants to do it...
  • robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Typically angel investors will receive an equity position in th company in exchange for their cash. In this scenario, they will be "repaid" (receive the return on their investment) at some future liquidity event (IPO, merger, or repurchase).
    This "liquidity event" (often referred to as a exit strategy) should be part of your initial strategy used to develop the "deal" you want to present to your potential investors.
    "Angels" come in all catagories - each with their own objectives, so you should target those who will respond to your "deal".
    All the best,
    Robert Johnson
  • mofak7mofak7 subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m a loan consultant and can help anybody in need of commercial loans at great rates to start up their real estate dreams.
    Contact me if you need any assistance I`m licensed in over 40 states nationwide.
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