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Starting: OFF THE WALL EXTREME Ping Pong!

DougsterDougster subscriber Posts: 4
Aloha everyone,
This is my grand idea for my business startup.
"OFF THE WALL" Extreme Ping Pong (Patent Pending)
With Table Tennis being the 2nd most played sport in the world it made great sense to me to invent a version that is very fun, exciting, faster scoring with a "WOW" Extreme flavor to it!
Based on my market research people LOVE to not just play this unique game/sport but they also LOVE to watch it!
Kids actually fought over who got to play it next with a full asortment of the newest video games available!
My busines splan will create 100,000 firstb year sales to the tune of $10,000,000 in profits and only take off BIGGER & FASTER from there with other related business ventures! 
I am very open to Investors/Partners and this is very close to being able to go public.
I do need some finishing touches on the product and need to find a source for packaging.
I have more info in the projects listed section or in my web site link.
Dougster5/15/2008 9:51 PM


  • DougsterDougster subscriber Posts: 4
    Aloha from Indy everyone.
    Obviously I feel my business would be a grand one for everyone to become involved with here but it doesn`t look like our "Group Business" is moving along.
    So anyone else that would like to become involved please feel free to contact me as I am quite positive my "OFF THE WALL" Extreme Ping Pong game is going to be a world wide hit & Win-Win business that will create a fortune while providing heath & Fitness benefits!
    Have your best day everyday!
  • dredd1dredd1 subscriber Posts: 0
    Just my opinion as a aggressive table tennis player. I believe this product may be a good idea for recreation players, but not for serious player, they will see it as a novelty product. The reason most people play table tennis for recreation is because the cost of a table is inexpensive, and may not want to buy this additional which looks expensive although I may be wrong. Table Tennis is an olympic sport, people that are avid players won`t think that this is fun just something else.
    Even though I say this I have played off the wall sometimes.
    Who is your target market?
    Could you tell me more about what you have done so far? I am interested in hearing about your company.
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