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Any Ideas to help take my site to the next level?

DougDDougD subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2008 in Website Critique
Last year, myself and a close friends started a video
contest site called Next Webstar (nextwebstar.com). We received good
publicity and had pretty good traffic at the start. After a few months
of being in business we saw several other similar sites pop-up that
offered a similar service.
Currently, the site is in a
standstill until we figure out were we want the site to go. Both my
partner and myself have ideas, but we have not taken the steps toward
them. The mission of the current site is to help talented people get
discovered with contests. We have thought about changing the model of
the site and get rid of contests and have the site work more like a
blog. We feel that the domain itself has value, but we are not sure of
our ability to "actually" help people get discovered. We`ve also
thought about looking for an investor, since both my partner and myself
have been running this site as our second job. We are seeking a third
person/party, possibly an investor that can contribute to the idea and
help take the site to the next level. Neither of us have dealt with
investors so we`ve not been to aggressive shopping the site around.
ideas on how to take our site to the next level? Do you think someone
would invest in our idea. We currently have a working proof of concept
at nextwebstar.com.
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