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DirtbagceoDirtbagceo Posts: 3subscriber
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I have developed a pretty cool, inexpensive way to market my products on myspace. If you`re interested in reaching 1500-2000 people a day on myspace let me know.
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  • Wirehead321Wirehead321 Posts: 0subscriber Member
    I was at both your site very well done. I am also marketing on myspace. Now I have two clients that I am developing website for one in music like you and I am creating myspace site for them also. It`s a great way to market
  • blahgeetsablahgeetsa Posts: 1subscriber
    Beware y`all...MySpace actually has something in their terms and conditions
    that isn`t too friendly when it comes to selling products thru MySpace. I`m
    not sure if they changed the wording, but you may want to re-read them.

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