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Business Innventor

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Business Innventor

Position Summary

Venture Fidelis Inc. is a corporate entrepreneurial firm that will lead the drive in the advancement of value innovation with cutting-edge technology and innovation through new venture creation.  Venture Fidelis is building a global entrepreneurial brand behind a network of innovative companies termed “Ivventures™,” creating value and satisfaction for customers that is innovative in process, service or technology, and increases market opportunities.  Venture Fidelis’ motto, Value-Innovation, characterizes the corporate philosophy of challenging conventional market wisdom through the advancement of consumer value through entrepreneurial innovation.

Nature of Work

Venture Fidelis is looking for an experienced Business Innventor.  The role involves working collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams to conceptualize and develop innovative new business ventures.  Innventors play a critical role in the Venture Fidelis process of value innovation through corporate entrepreneurship.  In addition to working closely with others in team-oriented environment, Innventors must be highly adept at discovering, interpreting, and communicating customer needs and opportunities and contributing to all aspects of new venture development.  Must be comfortable working in a fast-paced and dynamic startup environment.  This position reports to the Senior Innventor.


The position requires an undergraduate degree or work experience equivalent in entrepreneurship and or business management.  The candidate must have the ability to relate to and engage with interdisciplinary team members with diverse personal and professional backgrounds.  Excellent interpersonal skills, superb communication skills, and a passion for building relationships are also essential.  Candidates should have significant operational experience taking offerings to market, whether as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

You must be willing to get your hands dirty.  Successful candidates will combine rigorous business acumen across all of the following areas along with world-class depth in one or two:


• Finance

• Product Development

• Organizational Behavior

• Operations

In addition to business insight, experience and acumen, this role requires:

Empathy and Passion for people - We look for those who have a natural skill to engage with people at a deep level.  They should be passionate about representing a human and humane perspective and should have skills in bringing this passion to life for the team.

User research/field work skills – Venture Corp team members must be prepared to plan and lead user research to discover insights first hand. We are looking for people who can keep up a high degree of rigor throughout the entire business development process.

Deep insights -Candidate must be able to identify and translate key findings for management; take measures and actions based on key learning’s.

Ability to connect insights to business models - The insights and information drawn from research must be translated into an inspirational and useful foundation for business conceptualization.  Innventors must delight in cross-disciplinary collaboration to generate user-centered opportunities and concepts.

Captivating communication - A critical element of this role is to deliver insights - verbally and visually - in a way that generates empathy, emotion, and engagement.

Getting the Job

In addition to your resume, you will favorably impress us by attaching either, a description of a project where you planned or developed a business idea that brought something new to the world (summarize in a one-page brief).


Your response to this exercise: find an environment where you can watch people going through daily life (such as a park, a restaurant, a transit station or vehicle etc.) Spend time observing activities and interactions, documenting what you notice (in photos or diagrams for instance) and share with us your thoughts about how people`s experiences there could be enhanced, and what resulting opportunities there might be for a viable market offering.

Send your resumes to
<a rel="nofollow" href="mailto:hr@venturefidelis.com">




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