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Hello I am ....

huiedeehuiedee subscriber Posts: 7
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Hello Everyone,
I am new ...and I am loving it!! This site is awesome!! I have read so much and noted so much ... my note pad is filling up.
I recently started my company Pregnant R Us. This is a company that offers a service to moms-to-be who are experiencing a delicate pregnancy or a difficult pregnancy. My company was born because I am a new mommy...again! My first child is 11yrs old and now my baby is 11months. All my pregnancy have been difficult and my activities limited. While being pregnant at times I needed someone to help me do so much but could not find a service that catered to my specific needs - pic-up or drop of cleaners clothes, lamaze partner, nursery decor, maturnity shopping, NICU partner ( as my baby was born at 34 weeks - I wasn`t able to drive ( C-Section) but needed to go to NICU quite regularly) and thus the idea of Pregnant R Us was born. I am excited! I know my service could be seen as "luxe" but I want to provide an excellent and unique service. Will the recession make this a challenge?? Hmmm... My website is new www.pregnant-r-us.com and I am trying to do so much by myself. Could you check it out and let me know your thoughts?? Marketing, I am trying to promote myself in the Doctor offices. My Doctor has placed my brochures in her new clients bags ... so I am pushing forward . As for SEO - I need all the help trying to submit to search engines, mega tags etc ...no clue! I trust this group will help me to push forward ... my goal is to go national in a year!! I am going for it ....




  • huiedeehuiedee subscriber Posts: 7
    Congratulations on the new pregnancy!! I know how it can get .... You are left to juggle so much and my thought is that my company could pick up the slacks on areas you are not able to do. I guess I have a niche market and I will target the fertility doctors. Thanks for your encouragement!!


  • huiedeehuiedee subscriber Posts: 7
    Wonderful!! Great feedbacks ....I am not sure if R Us will be a problem. I guess I may need to do some research there.

  • huiedeehuiedee subscriber Posts: 7
    What are your thoughts on my press release - see below.
    January 25th, 2009





    , Florida -
     A group of experienced mothers in south Florida have created Pregnant R Us, a support service company for soon-to-be moms.


    With services ranging from doctor visit companions to Lamaze and workout partners, Pregnant R Us provides much needed support and advocacy to women juggling careers, family, and the stresses of pregnancy.


    “Every pregnant woman deserves a personal assistant,” remarked founder Donna Huie-Gordon. “No need to feel pretentious, you have questions, needs, and wants.  We’re here to help!”


    Huie-Gordon got the idea for this service from her recent pregnancy.  Fatigue and emotions inspired her to reach out to other pregnant women who were experiencing the same frustrations.


    “We would share stories and exchange frustrations about not knowing what to wear, where to go shopping, what to buy, groceries, and keeping appointments.  Things are so much smoother and more enjoyable with the support of someone who’s been there.” said Huie-Gordon.


    Expectant mothers seeking VIP treatment are encouraged to visit the website www.pregnant-r-us.com or call 954 533 0382.  A stellar Personal Pregnancy Assistant will be assigned to her through-out the entire pregnancy.


    Media Inquiries should be directed to: Donna Huie 954 533 0382

  • neetugarg37neetugarg37 subscriber Posts: 0
    hello, i am a new user of this site.i found that this site is very interesting and like of my type.
    i am getting new knowledge from this site.
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