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I am trying to get my mind wrapped around SEO - trying to do some stuff by myself like mega tags for pages, site map ...and I need help! Where do I submit free listings to search engines etc. Am I showing on the internet - etc? Help!! Help!!
Please view my website



  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Your site is indexed by Google. Not by Yahoo. Only one page by MS.
    You have no back links - links from other sites to yours. This helps with search results.
    Your metas - non existent. Only a page title. No page description.
    While you can submit your site to the various search engines, the quickest way to get indexed is to have a back link from a related site that gets visited regularly from search bots.
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    Thanks. How do I do my meta tags? How do I get indexed with Yahoo? Excuse my ignorance ...please explain index.

  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Thanks. How do I do my meta tags? How do I get indexed with Yahoo? Excuse my ignorance ...please explain index.
    The only meta you might add is a meta description for each page. This goes in the "header" section of your HTML code for each web page.
    How was the site created or how is it managed? By your self or a web designer?
    The creator should know how to add a meta description. It doesn`t look like your site was created with a CMS program, so a html editor can be used to add the appropriate code to the html file. Then an FTP program to upload the changed code to your web host.
    As far as getting indexed by yahoo. You can submit you site to yahoo (takes some time to get indexed). Add a yahoo site map (you should also have a google site map). And get inbound links from other relevant sites indexed by yahoo.
    You should work on getting in bound links... I`m sure there are directories and forums that are highly relevant to your site`s subject matter.
    Also critical is to determine the keywords/phrases you want to target. And then make sure you use those in your site`s internal links, in-bound links and site content (with appropriate tag - h1, h2, h3...etc).
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    If you want to see ( much of ) the underlying code to your pages, do this: find an open area on your page, right click, then click "View Source". What you see is the HTML that makes up that page. At the very top is the meta tag area.
    You cannot edit or change them this way though; you need to access the sites files either on your PC and change them then upload them to your hosting area, or use some type of file manager within your hosting area.
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