Domain trade / site trade?

pappipappi subscriber Posts: 1
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I have 3 business models in my mind :
1. Buy some nice domains and resell them.
2. Buy domain, create a site and sell it.
3. Buy a domain and park it while it is sold...
I recently bought</A> and parked it at but I am wondering if there is some better business model for it.
Can anyone help?


  • spungeyspungey subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Pavel,
    Speculating on the relative value of internet domain names is tricky, requires exquisite timing, and ICAAN has already reserved to itself the right to strip domain names from people they feel are squatting  or owning merely for speculative profit.  Therefore, I argue that model #1 you propose is highly dicey at best.
    #2 makes sense *IF* you make a site that is worth something to someone and provide a means for the end user to maintain it.  But there`s lots of competition.
    #3 is a lot less work, but probably less profit.
    Good luck.
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