NBA Weekend on helloTV

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This is a special message for everyone in the helloWorld social network. This coming weekend you are going to be able to tune in to the world like never before. NBA All-Star weekend is coming to


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    I love that Hello World Company. You know they (founders) helped start up QVC way back when. We have been in development with them to incorporate the web 2.0 platforms they offer into our new ecomerce platform. It really is an amazing product offering. For 9 dollars and change a month it allows our folks to promote seminars on demand, blogs, podcasts and video email to market the services they offer and products. The owners of Hello world are really a great bunch of innovators and I have enjoyed working with them. It is a professional way to show off your stuff!  I Love Hello World!
    Erinstonesledge2007-2-18 12:1:25
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