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Recession proof?

haurakihauraki subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2007 in Selecting a Business

I`m after some ideas for recession proof businesses (that could be started by most people)...
There must be lots around, but all I can think of at the minute (and in the past few weeks) are:

Debt collectors/Repo-men

Anyone think of any other, legal ones ... ?



  • haurakihauraki subscriber Posts: 1

    So: how bad a recession do you want to postulate?

    Just a small one would do Obviously in a depression, most of the `rules` go out of he window (or so I would have thought, never having experienced one myself, and not really having any wish to!)I do have experience of small recessions a few times in my working life, the last one wasn`t particularly pleasant (for me at least!) and I`ve no real wish to experience it again.. Hence the search for ideas for businesses that could ride out, or even prosper, the next time one comes around.Don

    hauraki2007-8-9 7:29:37
  • haurakihauraki subscriber Posts: 1

    I can think of 2 more -
    alcohol (when people are happy - they drink, when people are depressed - they drink)gas and the oil industry - Americans LOVE their SUV 

    I`d thought about alcohol , but at least here in the UK there`s absolutely no money in it whatsoever.Don
  • haurakihauraki subscriber Posts: 1
    Here`s an interesting business I ran into today, for real estate
    agents. It`s a company that, for a fee, goes around and puts in signs:
    For Sale, Sold, and that sort of thing. You FAX in an order, they go to
    the property and handle the signage.

    I seem to remember the last time I sold a house here that someone came around (not from the estate agent) and did this. I also seem to remember that when we changed estate agents, the same guy came around and put up the new sign, so I guess that`s already happening around here!But with the amount of houses going up for sale at the moment around here (hence the recession bit ) maybe there`d be enough room for someone else to grab a bit of the business as well.Thanks,Don
  • haurakihauraki subscriber Posts: 1

    But beyond that needing money, certain things HAVE TO get done. So if
    the roof goes, the boiler breaks, the plumbing leaks, or the
    electricity fails, who ya gonna call? ...
    I`m also curious why so many local pubs are going out of business.
    Indeed, those are necessities.. I can do electrical work, or should I say I used to be able to until new Government regulations came in preventing anyone with the right paperwork doing it. I know of at least 3 people who`ve quit doing electrical work as it`s not viable any more. Similarly with Gas type work. I`ve never tried roofing .Don`t get me wrong, it`s right that they don`t let just anyone mess with dangerous things like Electricity and Gas any more. But since I was trained in electrical work for a gas company I`m slightly miffed that I can`t do work on these without expensive `certification`Large companies can `circumvent` these regulation to a certain extent by having a single person certified who can then `inspect` the work that`s been carried out by people without the certification..One reason for pubs closing down I think is that apparently, there`s some Government legislation (arghhh!) that limits the percentage of pubs that a business can own in any one area. With mergers and acquisitions between companies this means that it`s easy for this percentage to be exceeded, and hence pubs have to be put up for sale. There`s quite a few planning applications around this area for these pubs to be either knocked down for housing development, or turned into apartments. Of course, some pubs are just not very good, and deserve to be closed down! hauraki2007-8-12 4:27:15
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