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Seeking User Reviews

StartingSmallStartingSmall subscriber Posts: 1
Hi everyone! My friend and I started a website that allows users to rank the section they sat in after going to a game in any stadium of the four major US sports (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL). We are seeking a way for fans to have an answer to the common question, "How are the seats?" before going to a game. Users enter a 1-10 value for the following attributes of the section the seats were in - view, atmosphere, cost-benefit, accessibility, comfort, and food nearby. The user then clicks calculate and based on what was entered for each attribute, a weighted average (StadiumScore) is calculated that gives the section a 1-10 ranking (10 being the best) on that particular section. Users can also contribute a written review describing their experience. We are hoping to have a ranking for each section of every stadium so that people can get an idea of how their seats will be before buying tickets or going to a game. When people ask before going to a game, "How good are the seats?", we want people to respond "The StadiumScore is a 8.6". We are confident that the site would be useful for people once each section is ranked. However, it is proving tough to get people to contribute rankings with little incentive or reason for them to do so. We are currently offering a ticket raffle for users who rank sections. We are also developing a mobile website to make it easy for users to contribute right from their seats. The updated website will also allow users to post pictures from their seats. We have gotten good feedback about the ranking system but people still forget to contribute. Users on sites like Yelp, or RatemyProfessor, contribute reviews with no incentive to do so. How can we get people to contribute to our site? Obviously, this is a entrepreneur site so I will explain how we plan to make money. We believe that once we have enough rankings and users are coming to our site to seek stadium seating information, we will be able to sell ads for businesses local to the stadium and also through affiliate marketing with ticket websites and travel companies.For reference, my website is www.stadiumrank.com. Please take a look and offer some constructive criticism. I look forward to hearing from you.
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