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What is the best possible home business to start?

stephensstephens subscriber Posts: 1
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Hello Friends, I want to start a new home based business but not getting any idea on what and how to start it?
I want to know from you people that how should I start my home based business? I want your suggestions and new ideas so that I can work accordingly. Thanks in advance.
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  • SmartRacoonSmartRacoon subscriber Posts: 1
    do you want to make alot of money? do something you like? work as little as possible to make an average living?
    home based business is a BROAD category
    before people can give advice they need some backround on what your looking for
  • sisodyasisodya subscriber Posts: 0
         I am kunal 24 yrs bachlore located at india . i want start some business but i  dont have capital to start .please advice me & i have more thn three yrs of marketing exp.
  • DefMallDefMall subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Folks -
    SmartRaccooon has it right. You don`t just sit down and say "OK, I am going to find the best Work at Home opportunity" and then get rich.
    You need to evaluate what you are good it...what you like to do...what the market needs...what opportunities are out there and how can you capitalize on it.
    If you are looking for someone here to guide you to the `best` home business, let me make this suggestion: Go to your local libary, and look for a book called "Best Work at Home Opportunities". I may be butchering the title, but they publish one every couple of years so that the information is relevant to current technology.
    Find the book, go thru it page by page, and determine which opportunities interest you and meet your skills set.
    That`s at least a good start...
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    This is a simple question in my opinion. If you are going to start and business and be a success at it.. you have to really enjoy what you do. It has to be something that not only drives you to work hard on it everyday but something that keeps you curious to learn more everyday. Never do something based on money or because it seems easy. I hope that helps!
  • TronchiTronchi subscriber Posts: 0
         Hello, what Stonesledge said makes sense. I guess it can be difficult for some people to choose a business because they have too many ideas running in their head. I love all kinds of creative arts and I can`t decide which business idea would be better for me. Maybe I should try them all, one by one???
  • DefMallDefMall subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Before you "try them all, one by one" take 1 extra step.
    For each of your ideas, brainstorm a little. Try to flesh the idea out a bit.
    Then, look at each project you created and create the most basic of business plans, including a P&L.
    See if you have a money making opportunity here. Sure, few comapnies are profitable from day 1...but you want to go into it knowing you at least have a CHANCE.
  • LaudeLaude subscriber Posts: 0
    All the advice is the same, do what your good at. Nonsense! What I’m good at and what I enjoy doesn’t pay very well, what I’m good at lots of people do, What I’m good at is hard to market over the internet. I’m ready for a change of careers.
    Now what kind of business can I start?
    Work from home
    No cold calling sales
    I don’t have a lot of capital
    I’m willing to invest up to 2 years in part time study (less full time) to master a new career.
    This is a pretty generic list of requirements and answering most of them with a short list of business that he could start would go a long way to helping him figure out how to match his needs with whats available.
  • DefMallDefMall subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Laude -
    I understand your point, but I do not agree.
    While the things that interest me the most...and the things I am good at...may not neccessarily instantly crete opportunities for me, I am 100% certian that if I invested my time and money in something I was NOT interested in and NOT good at, it would fail in no time.
    I think you are reading too specifically into the comment we are making. The point should be taken like this: if you have no idea where to begin, at LEAST begin with something you like and are already good at.  Your chances of sticking to it, finding the resources you need, finding social networks to market to/with and working hard to improve on a regular basis are SO much higher than if you just take on a business that your heart is not particularly `in`.
  • TheDrewTheDrew subscriber Posts: 0
    This is a great question, and unfortunately, as I read through all the responses I didn`t see an answer to your question.  I`m going to try my hand at an answer, but keep in mind, this is just my opinion.
    First, I hope that you, and anyone else that read those rhetorical questions about "What you want out of life?", laughed like I did.  That has to be the most ridiculous BS ever.  The answer from every living human being that has any bit of entrepreneurial sense is; "I want to work as little as possible and make as much money as possible in the shortest period of time possible!"  And the other ridiculous question, "What would you do if there was 5 million dollars in your bank account tomorrow?"  Well, first of all there won`t be 5 million dollars in my bank account tomorrow, but instead of answering my question with a question, how about telling me how I PUT 5 MILLION DOLLARS IN MY BANK ACCOUNT TOMORROW. 
    All of you people that come up with these crazy irrelevant positions on philosophy and advice about how my life will magically get better with NO FACTS - Please, please, please....GO AWAY..you are not doing anyone any good!
    So, here`s the real deal:
    I`ll give these folks one thing.  The reason they ask all of these rhetorical and hypothetical questions is because they are working on your attitude.  Their position is that attitude is very important.  Actually, I believe that attitude really is everything.  I could go on forever about attitude, with examples, but here is the bottom line;  You have to be convicted to whatever you do as you set out on your adventure.  You better never use the word "can`t", and you need to learn how to push everyone out of the way that says the word "no" to you.  If you can do that, then you have attitude all wrapped up. 
    But aside for attitude, you need facts.  You need factual information about the opportunities that are out there.  You need to know how much money and time you need to invest to make a profit.  This is what you really want, as this will help answer your real question; "How do I make as much money as possible, with as little effort as possible, in as short as time as possible?"  Your adventure into the entrepreneurial world is an investment.  And as with all investments you have to measure the risks.  Most likely, you need to measure an entrepreneurial investment against the investment of full or part-time employment.  i.e., how do you start a new business and leave your day job still manage to make the mortgage payment.  Unfortunately, you can`t measure these investments this without facts.
    So, how about some detail from these folks.  Cause that`s what you really need.
    Well, I can give you my experience and details, and that may help you find your way, but you you will have to contact me directly for me to provide that information.  If you interested, send me a note via my linked in account:
    Good luck, and I hope to talk to you soon.
  • DefMallDefMall subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Drew -
    I see you joined the community just the other day...yesterday, in fact.
    So I see a kid who joins the community, insults people who have been here a long time and are sharing their experiences...and then writes a l-o-n-g post that doesn`t equate to much more than: "I can help you make a lot of money, but you have to e-mail me for details.
    Dude, all you have done is sent SPAM. You`re a joke.
    If anyone here should `please go away` it isn`t any of us.
    It`s "The Drew".
  • jwatkinsjwatkins subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    Great thread!
    There are basically two types of people who start businesses, those for whom their passion turns to profit and those for who profit is their passion. Some stumble upon a business because they are good at something and others are willing to pay them, while others don`t have any discernible or marketable talent or knowledge with which to start a business. From my experience, most people are in the latter category and simply want a way to live a good life, make good money, and not have to do the commuting-9-5-grind every day, but don`t have any special talent or knowledge. That`s why network marketing is a multi-billion dollar business (not that I have any opinion of them).
    I see both sides of the coin. Yes a passion to profit makes the most sense and will probably help you endure the hardships more easily. But, for most of us, our passions are illegal to sell in most states.
    So, here`s a start to finding the perfect home based business: Find a way to save people time, save them money, make them feel good, or make something easier for them. Therein is defined every business in the world.
  • jycmbajycmba subscriber Posts: 0
    I second CraigL`s post - talking daily to business owners, the successful ones clearly enjoy what they do, the others are trying to get out of something they thought would make them lots of money. (For more, check out my blog - http://www.johnchang.info/followyourbliss/)
    While it definitely helps to have experience in the industry or field you`re interested in, it`s more important to assess your skills and consider how they may carry over.
    Human nature - especially in the the immediate gratification mode of the Western world - is about having all the answers after taking one weekend seminar, reading a book, or just one coaching session for $995.
    But the reality that self-improvement junkies don`t want to hear is that there is no magic pill or silver bullet. It`s a continuous process.
    I frequently recommend "The Alchemist" by the master storyteller, Paulo Coelo - even though it`s a work of fiction, I put this as a top read for business folks and entreprenurs, over the latest "One Minute Secret to Internet Riches" guide or the newest "How to Conquer China" manifesto in the business section. To paraphrase "there is no way to following our bliss, following our bliss IS the way."
    jycmba9/13/2008 5:21 AM
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