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Allow me to introduce myself

sallygraysallygray subscriber Posts: 1
I`d like to offer a brief introduction ... but where do I start? At the
beginning? But just where is that? About 3 years ago, I had an idea.
It was an idea about something I wanted to do that I could also
make a living doing, though money is not the motivation, the love
of what I`ll be doing is the reward. At first it was a seed of an idea.
Over the years, I`ve been nurturing it, researching it and allowing it
to grow. Well, it`s getting closer and closer to the time for the idea
to be born or given life, structure and form. And, my life is lining up
to be compatible with that. I was recently offered a voluntary buyout
from a company I have been with for 23 years. Thrilled that I would
FINALLY have the time to pursue my dream, I jumped at the chance
and took the buyout offer. I will get to bid farewell to corporate
America in a little over a month. Then, yesterday, I was starting to
have doubts about my idea, my dream, my calling, the thing that I
But, just as those doubts arose, I found the forum that you all have
contributed to and I can`t tell you how very excited I was. My mood
was lifted, I was smiling from ear to ear and felt almost high. Why?
It`s the support, the knowledge, the willingness to share, help and
cheer each other on and that is just what I need at this time. I am so
grateful to have found you all and look forward to a future of
supporting and helping each other. The nuts and bolts? I am 53
years old, live in the Dallas area and have been involved in
greyhound adoption for over a dozen years. My business, as it were,
will be in the realm of a recreation/health club for dogs. This will not
be a boarding place nor a day care, but rather an amusement park or
fun park where dogs can play and swim without the owners worrying
about bacteria, snakes, branches or whatever else in the water. And
there will be other ways that dogs can exercise without putting to
much stress on their joints. They can come to lose weight, get in
shape or even work through some fears or behavior problems.
There`s more to it, but that will give you an idea, at least, of the
general arena in which it exists. I just want you to know I thank you
for being there. sally g         &nbsp ;         &nbsp ;         &nbsp ;   



  • keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    Welcome Sally - you sound passionate about your idea and this is a good place to throw your concerns up for review by your peers and ask questions and discuss your issues. Most folks here are super helpful and will support you in any way they can.
    Take care and have a great weekend.
  • sallygraysallygray subscriber Posts: 1

    Thanks for your suggestion. I looked at the camp bow wow site and
    it`s not really what I have in mind. I am not interested in day care or
    boarding or grooming. I will work by appt. only, probably hour-long.
    Some of the activities, the owner may want to participate in, some
    not. But it will be more one-on-one, hands-on, individual care. I will
    have the pool for that one-on-one plus will have it available at
    certain times for a limited number of dogs at a time for swimming
    and splashing around (likely with their owners). My plan, while a fun
    way to exercise and play, etc. will be more spiritual in nature, with
    me connecting with each pet and owner and agreeing on a plan
    together. I also will consult veterinarians to work with them to help
    with treatment plans for post-surgery/post-injury dogs. There are
    lots of daycare & boarding places and even some fancy dog hotels,
    camps, grooming places etc. But my place is like something that
    does not yet exist. Not where I am anyway. There are people doing
    similar things in England and California and a referral-only
    veterinary hospital nearby, but not a place open to everyone that`s
    conveniently located and affordable. That`s what`s so cool and
    exciting about it.
  • stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    Sally, before embarking (I know, bad pun) on any business idea there
    are a lot of hard questions that need to be asked. If you haven`t asked
    them yet you should before going any farther.

    In my opinion some of these questions would be:

    What would a facility you describe cost to construct?
    How much help would this require and what would that cost?
    What would your rates have to be to pay for the facility, staff, utilities, other expenses and make a profit?

    Have you done any market research to determine if people in your
    area want and will pay for this service? You could question pet owners
    at parks to determine interest. Make sure they understand this is not
    day care, boarding or grooming.

    Have veterinarians in your area agreed to refer clients to you for post-surgery / post-injury treatment?

    If they`re willing, have you considered the risks of providing this form of treatrment? Liability? Costs of insurance?
    What exactly is the spiritual nature of your service? You lost me on that one.

    Getting my dog in and out of the car is challenge enough. I`d
    hate to even think about doing that after getting her out of the pool.
    Would people bring a pet for a one hour session?

    Have you considered that there may be a reason why there`s no place like this near you?

    The time to get answers to these questions, and many more like them, is
    now. That is unless you`re independently wealthy and you truly are not
    doing thisfor the money.

    Steve2006-11-12 14:8:20
  • sallygraysallygray subscriber Posts: 1
    Cute pun. I liked it. Your list of questions ...yes, I have and am
    considering all those questions and more. I have researched the cost
    of equipment and have talked to many,many pet owners to ask if
    they would be interested in what I am planning to do and have
    gotten positive responses. I have not talked to vets yet because I do
    not have my business up and running.
    About rates ... I have researched what other people in other states
    are doing and charging and the average is about $65 per hour for
    one-on-one and less for owners who just want to use the pool
    without my personal attention being necessary. And, of course,
    insurance and release of my liability is necessary.
    My thought is that the type of business this is would attract a
    specific type of pet owner and a lot of the things you mention would
    take care of themselves.
    At first, there would be one staff member, me.
    Ah, the spiritual nature ... Well, this is something that not everyone
    will understand but it has to do with connecting with the animal.
    Have you ever experienced having a sense of knowing what someone
    is thinking or what`s going to happening? It`s like that. When you can
    use that same type of connecting with a dog, you can sense its need,
    and use that in the activities you choose to provide. Also, if you have
    a dog with certain behavior problems, that can give insight, too. You
    said you have a hard time getting your dog to get into or out of the
    car. To me that would speak of an issue to get more info about. Is it
    from fear, stubborness,, playfulness or what. Once that is known, it
    would be easy to determine what type of work the dog would need. I
    have dog training experience, too and can and will use that as part
    of what I offer.
    The reason it does not exist yet in my area? Yes, because no one has
    done it yet. That`s why it will be so successful. As I continue working
    on my business plan and look at those questions you mentioned, the
    thing I must now concentrate on is the location. I have 8 and 1/2
    acres available to me to build on, but I`m not convinced that`s the
    best place. I`ll be looking at ads or the internet about business for
    sale or trade. I also have ideas about taking to people who own dog
    washing places, boarding kennels etc. to see if I want to join with
    them into some type of business relationship.
    Then, there`s God. God leads me to where I need to go next or what I
    need to do next. I just have to pay attention.
    As for your last line about my being independently wealthy. No, I`m
    not. The line you wrote about if I`m doing it for the money or not
    seemed a mean, critical and judgmental thing to say and it stung. SG
  • stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14

    People start businesses for a number of reasons. You spoke of love for
    what you`ll do, not money, being the motivation. A few months ago I sat
    across the table from a man who looked at my wife and I, and asked
    which of us was independently wealthy when he heard us talk about our
    business plans. His way of asking if we had any idea what our plans
    would cost to carry out. We`re not either, but his question made us think even harder before we committed ourselves.

    I apologize for hurting you. In the past I personally entered into a
    venture where I didn`t ask enough tough questions up front. Having gone
    through the pain of that myself, I`d hate to see someone else go
    through the same pain and expense, without at least asking if you`ve
    considered these matters.

    Although poorly worded, believe me when I say, my comments were  said out of concern not criticism.

  • CandeeCandee subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi SallyGray,
    Welcome to startup, and thanks for sharing your new adventure:-) I`m excited for you and the fact that you know what you want to do because you have such a strong passion. Obviously you have a strong faith too and that faith will lead you, as you said, as long as you continue to listen.  The passion that I once had has become stagnant, and I am praying to SNAP out of it! Which leads me to the forum. What you said earlier about this forum is true, everyone here in their own ways and from their own experiences tries to help eachother. The hard part is the fact we can`t read eachother`s tone, nor can we hear the other`s sincerety. So if you can, try to imagine that the suggestions, advice , atta boys and suchthat you may encounter throughout the forum are coming from Mom, Dad, brother`s ,sisters, cousins and friends.  Some of us are laid back,or straight to the point and quite direct because they don`t want someone to experience the pain they went thru. Some of us are so phylosophical that you may have to read their responses a couple times to get the jest. (you`ll know who I`m talking about if he gets wind of this)Anyway, I have found in my short time on here that the regular responders are very sincere in their quest to help another. I just want you to hang with us You were sent to this site for a reason, I feel a blessing............
  • sallygraysallygray subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you. I appreciate your writing and your concern. It`s very important
    to me at this phase to keep focused and positive so I probably over-
    reacted. It seems like people like to plant doubts and give you all the
    reasons why something won`t work. And I don`t want to leave any space
    for this while my creation is in such a delicate stage. I don`t want to start
    to agree and say, "Yeah, you`re right. It is going to be too hard, Nobody
    will come. It will cost too much. I don`t know anything about running a
    business. How will I pay my bills until it starts making money? What are
    you, independently wealthy?"
    So, you get the idea. I find it imperative to keep myself around people
    who will give me reasons why it will work and help build me up rather
    than tear me down. So, Steve, that said ... I`m sorry if I took it the wrong
    way and I did and do appreciate your mentioning the hard questions I
    need to look at cause you`ve been through it already. And I do feel like
    you want to help. Thank you very much. I`ll try to be less sensitive in the
    future. SG
  • sallygraysallygray subscriber Posts: 1

    Ah, a kindred soul. What is your dream? It`s funny that you said "Take the
    info as if it were from your mom or dad or sisters or..." THAT`s where the
    trouble all began and it took years of therapy to correct. As you`ve seen, it
    still rears its ugly head from time to time. But I am hanging in there and will
    continue to do so until I am so busy with my appointments that I just won`t
    have the time. Your post was so kind, it nearly brought tears to my eyes.
    Yes, I`m sure God brought me here and Sally`s Place is my calling. It will help
    so many people and their dogs that it just can`t not work. Please tell me
    about your passion. SG
  • CandeeCandee subscriber Posts: 0
    I knew you were the sister I just hadn`t met yet. Oh how I understand about family. It`s like trying to witness to those that think they know you best, isn`t it? They aren`t going to listen, and they aren`t going to believe in you. So you go to others that know nothing about you with hopes that they will believe. (I`ve done my own time in therapy too) That`s definitely what most everyone here seems to be about. Acceptance, informative, connection, comradre, but with a twist of reality and constructive critisism.
    I too believe you are going to be a very busy person. I also personally believe that not every avenue has to have a full blown blue print before it can be built. You sound as though you know exactly what you want. I`m terribly excited for you!
    Helping people with their family pets, understanding them, learning their needs, teaching people how to keep their pets healthy?! Oh yea, its a real need. I know there is much more to your gift, that is what will make it a true "specialty". I look forward to hearing more. Oh and, it sounds like a candidate for Animal Planet(seriously)
    I will e-mail you on your question to me...
  • sallygraysallygray subscriber Posts: 1

    I`m sure glad you added that last line. I was about to give you what for. But
    gently. I know that sometimes we can "conveniently forget" to answer a
    question, make a call, do a thing etc. so I was about to make sure you didn`t
    get away with that. And, as it turns out, I didn`t have to cause you were
    already on the case. Good job! I look forward to hearing from you. SG
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    sallygray... would it be too difficult or otherwise impossible to offer all the services others in a similar business offer? Such as, would it be so bad to board, or become a training facility for pets? Your love and care seems to be there. You could probably gain a LOT of experience from working for a "competitor" for a while and see how they run the place. You could be in an "undercover" type position. Earning some money, and truly doing research on your new business.
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