Did email alerts change?

BardStuffBardStuff Posts: 7subscriber
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Lately I`m getting barely 1 sentence summary in my email alerts.  I`m pretty sure I used to get the whole post.  Can we put that back?  Or at least something in the middle, like a couple of hundred characters of summary?  I have to click back over to the forums for every single alert, since I can`t really get the gist of the post from what little summary is coming over.d


  • theswaynestertheswaynester Posts: 15subscriber
    I noticed the same thing, BardStuff.There may have beens some testing going on. Not sure if that`s the reason for the abbriviated posts or not.
  • MelissaMelissa Posts: 7subscriber
    I also miss (and have left feed back) the ability to receive all the various topics in your inbox so that you get everything.  It was much easier to click over and disable the notification on the post topics I wasn`t interested in than to check on all the ones that look interesting and then hit the notify button. 
    Problem solved!  And, a great solution - hopefully I haven`t been missing out on it all this time!MeLissa2006-4-25 0:57:46
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