Thoughts on Categories

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Hi guys,Great idea getting the categories up and running. It`s going to be much easier to keep track of the sorts of topics we`re interested in.  I know I`m not ready in the least for the actual paperwork of setting up a business, nor do I want tips on web stuff (though I might be able to offer some).Can I make 3 quick suggestions?  Any one of them would be fine .1)  Does your forum software offer any kind of "New posts since last visit" page?  There`s no way I can afford the time to drill into every single category looking for new posts every day.2) RSS feed.3) Email alert for "new topic posted" versus "new topics and responses to existing topics".  I`m not sure this was functioning as intended -- I would much rather get an alert when a new topic is created (on a category-by-category basis) then to get email whenever anybody responds to anything.  If I want to follow an existing topic, there is already an "email notify me of replies" button.D


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