Selling Stock To raise money

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I got a question, me and my dad was talking about my company getting
incorporated and the question came about raising capitol and thought
about selling stock to raise capitol. Now im thinking is this a good
idea to expand and raise capitol to fund what im trying to do? or would
this make my company publicly owned?


  • JamesHoganJamesHogan Posts: 4subscriber
    well the company is new revenues so far has been about 12,000 and we started a month ago
  • robertjrobertj Tampa Bay, FloridaPosts: 0subscriber Member
    1. Selling stock in a company -does not (in and of itself) make the company "publicly owned". The process for becoming publicly owned is extensive.
    2. Whether selling stock to acquire capital is a good idea depends upon several factors including:

    How much capital you will need

    How you feel about having investors

    The "capital readiness" of you and your business

    3. Be aware that there are laws and regulations that govern the sale of stock (whether public or private).
    robertj12/27/2007 11:27 AM
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