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Could anyone help?

happy2bemehappy2beme subscriber Posts: 6
edited April 2007 in Website Critique
I`m hoping to get some feedback on my web site. It would be so greatly "appreciated." I`ve been told that it`s difficult for me to see it from a buyers eyes, because I`m too close to my product. I`d love some opinions from some honest people. THANKS a million, this is a great site!   Diana


  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Hi Diana,
    I really think you`ve done a great job on your website ! I love the Dear Deb feature, and your video testimonials - nice touch!
    I`m really finding it hard to come up with constructive criticism. The only thing I might change (and I`m being really picky) is converting your Recent Newsletter Word doc to and HTML page. I don`t like to have to download documents if I don`t have to - also, some people may not have Word loaded on their computer.
    Do you sell your product anywhere else besides your website? If so, I would list the locations.
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Ok...to be perfectly honest, the price is a bit on the high-side. I have no doubt that it is a quality product but it seems over-priced. At first glance, I don`t think that I would purchase it at that price.
    Is it manufactured in China? 
  • happy2bemehappy2beme subscriber Posts: 6
    Once again, thanks. I`m just putting together a couple of wholesale deals, but my primary focus is web sales right now. We just started a pay per click campaign and it`s going fairly well. Thanks for the newsletter tip, it`s a good one! Please let me know if I can ever be of any help to you. And, if you know of anyone who might benefit from a system like ours, please spread the word and I will do the same for you!
  • happy2bemehappy2beme subscriber Posts: 6
    Yes, it`s made in China right now. I`m hoping to get our next run at a better price. Would you be willing to share with me what you would spend? We`re also working with DQ on them suppying 12 free ice cream cones with every station and Lifetouch JC Penny`s portrait studio`s has given us a free family photo setting along with a free 10x13 portrait in every station. Would this matter to you? Thanks for the honesty-
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Hi Diane,
    Ok - this might sound scary to you...but I would pay half of that price. The incentives that you mention are nice, but I don`t think it warrants the price. I think they are great to draw people in though.
    On your first run, you might just break even - which I`m told is fine. I know that when your quantities are higher, your price break will be better with China. My first minimum order with China is 2000 units...do you mind me asking what yours are? Just curious!storybookstudio2007-4-25 11:0:21
  • happy2bemehappy2beme subscriber Posts: 6
    My first order was 2700. I based it on what a full container would carry. Please feel free to contact me through my personal e-mail [email protected]</A> and I`d be happy to speak with you in person if you`d like to know any more info with regard to my process. I`m happy to share any of my journey with you if you think it will help you with yours.
  • MNGrillGuyMNGrillGuy subscriber Posts: 2 Member
  • happy2bemehappy2beme subscriber Posts: 6
  • cuttscutts subscriber Posts: 4
     Hi Diana - your site looks great. One point though is to watch the color schemes being chosen, but this is a minor point. Overall great work and neat product, as a Dad I think it would work well for me as well.
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    Have you ever thought of marketing your product to pediatric/dentist offices? Our pediatric dentist lets the kids pick a prize after each visit. It`s cute that they do this, but it takes forever for them to pick something out of the bin full of toys. I`m just thinking that kids would love the mystery of not knowing what they will get. Not to mention, parents can get on their way a little faster!
    If you need to keep your price point where it is - maybe try selling it to orginazations like medical offices, schools, daycare facilities, churches (this would be perfect for youth groups) ect. IMO your price point is perfect for those markets - just not at the consumer level.
  • happy2bemehappy2beme subscriber Posts: 6
    Thanks for the looksie! It`s awesome to see Dads playing a powerful role in their childrens lives. Could you share or expand on thoughts you have with regard to color scheme?
  • happy2bemehappy2beme subscriber Posts: 6
    We`re in several "professional" settings, chiro`s dance studio`s etc., and working our way to others, so thanks for the input and I totally agree. We just started selling in Dec. 06 so we`re just at our begining. I`m going to look into Dental/ Doctors catalog sales, Thanks. Keep the ideas a rollin`! 
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    Hello Diana!  What an awesome idea!  I must agree with Melissa, I was thinking more around $49.95 ish if I were to buy it personally (and I would, this is such an awesome idea and I`m about to start potty training baby #2 in a few weeks) but if you are selling for your listed price, GOOD FOR YOU!  The website looks good but maybe the print on the home page could be bigger and less wordy.  (I know this because my site has the same problem!)  Needs more blank space and larger bolder copy.  This is really a great great product!  I wish you all the best!!! 
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    The site looks great. I only have one request. I really wanted to see the image of the item closer.Really though. Nice site.
  • storybookstudiostorybookstudio subscriber Posts: 7
    I was going to say the same thing actually. I get frustrated when I can`t see something up close. Some of us have our screen settings at high res so everything appears even smaller. A good close up of the inside of the trunk would be nice too.
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