Looking for Partner,Advisors etc!!

JamesHoganJamesHogan subscriber Posts: 4
Hi my name is James Hogan, and im currently the owner of www.shopcorrect.com. The reason of im posting on this forum and making this tread is because im looking for a few partners and advisors to help and make my company grow. My goal is to make this a well respected and trusted company. But right now i just need help to reach my goal. I am looking for people from all backgrounds, marketing,finances, other  business owners. Im looking for well experiance people that is looking to make a company grow and hopefully bring some ideas to the table. if your interested please email me at [email protected].


  • rajinenterprisesrajinenterprises subscriber Posts: 3
    I took a quick look at your website. Could you provide more background on who you are, how you started, experiences with this company and/or others to date, and as overall goal you have with this company? Where do you see this company going in the future? What problems have you experienced with this so for? How are you getting such low prices? Are the equipment new or used?
  • MichelleACMichelleAC subscriber Posts: 0
    What exactly are you looking for help with....what services do you need?
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