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Now if I could only find a good salesman

crazyfingrcrazyfingr subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2007 in Sales
Quickly, I need to say Startup Nation is a Godsend, thank you all who contribute.Many people have said "Making a web site is easy" and while I do agree, to a point, my target market is that "pre-internet" generation of individual business owners (i.e. mom and pop).The people that don`t have the knowledge or time to create their own web presence.Years ago I bought into an online web site creation tool with great expectations of filling this niche market rapidly and successfully. I soon realized the "create your own web page" market is VERY competitive and making a buck in it is difficult.As I`ve researched and tried other online income generating ideas the recurring theme here is "you need to know how to sell", and I don`t. The advice has been given that if you are weak in certain areas find someone who can do it for you.I am holding onto the idea that all I need is to find someone who can sell this great service, let me handle the back end, and we`re off to a great business future.Basically the service charges me $10 per site and anything I charge above that is my profit. Is my idea not realistic?How would I find this "perfect salesman"?What do I offer him/her in return?Thanks in advance for your thoughts and comments.


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    crazyfingrcrazyfingr subscriber Posts: 1
    nhgnikole...Is the Sandler program expensive?Could you also elaborate on what a referral bonus is? Pardon my ignorance.I`m open to trying anything that might work, cause up to and including today, this has not been a revenue generating endevour!In terms of service.... what makes me different than GoDaddy? ummmm.... honestly  not much really. It seems everyone has a web building tool now so I need a niche in a bad way.If you`re inclined, the site is www.ezsitemax.com, let me know what you think I`d be grateful.
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    saxmanstevesaxmansteve subscriber Posts: 5
    Here`s the opion of a (very) old hand at this selling game. Once you figure
    out why people should buy, as opposed to why you want to sell, the rest of
    selling gets a lot easier. Firstly, because you get excited about what you can
    do for
    your customers and secondly because they start to see you as an expert.
    Buyers always want to buy from people who know more than they do about
    what they need. Can I suggest your proposition will be much more attractive
    to the customer if it focusses on how they will benefit from what you can do.

    If you`d like to get a masterclass in selling, written for people who aren`t
    sales guys, you might like to visit my site at www.frontofficebox.com and
    check out the Serious about Selling articles in the wiki - no charge.saxmansteve2007-6-4 14:46:23
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    crazyfingrcrazyfingr subscriber Posts: 1
    Ethnicomm, no I don`t have a business plan yet. I appreciate the advise.Saxmansteve, understanding that I need to focus on why they want my service and get away from the "here is my service, come and get it" is something that I have not done, so thank you for that. 
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