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Will a Chat Room Improve Your Networking here?

SuccessNoMatterWhatSuccessNoMatterWhat subscriber Posts: 2
Well, I looked for it everywhere on this website, and I can`t find it. Do you think you need a Chat Room to better interact with this community? If not, what will be the disadvantages of creating one for you?


  • SuccessNoMatterWhatSuccessNoMatterWhat subscriber Posts: 2
    Le Tutor,
    I think you are right about the disadvantages, but still. Because even socialized chat rooms have rules to follow, and the most organized chat rooms hold on tight to those rules. In the event that someone broke them, they get warned, suspended, or even excluded from the community if they just can`t respect and follow the rules and regulations.
     However, I can also understand that an excluded person may show up again in the community under a different identity. And if this happens, the author will have to follow the regulations at the next attempt. Else he/she is going keep getting excluded till he/she realize that the SUN community is not the right one for him/her.
    On the other hand the SUN community will have a better interaction for its members by introducing a head to head communication tools like chat or/and video conference.
     I agree that such improvement will cost more for the SUN`s owners. But, in return that will help them better acheive their goals, which if I`m not mistaken is to help and improve the startup community, as well as well as to improve early entrepreneurs` experience.
  • SuccessNoMatterWhatSuccessNoMatterWhat subscriber Posts: 2
    I agree with both of you. Especially with: "An alternative could be instead of having an open community chat room where people could come and "hang out" you could have private / invite only chat sessions available so that if someone wanted to discuss something in more detail with one or more people they could enable the feature to immediately discuss a topic in more detail." Which will insure more effectiveness to the networking. You all have a great night.
  • Mikehills101Mikehills101 subscriber Posts: 5 Member
    edited September 2017
    I think having a chat room is effective marketing strategy to gain potential customers. I observed it in an <a href="http://www.hashtaginvesting.com">investing chat room</a> group I join. There's nothing wrong with it for as long as it highly moderated and monitor. The disadvantage is having a private room and discussions that can't be monitored.
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