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New Online Shop Site for review and search for potential clients

fuzzyballfuzzyball subscriber Posts: 5
edited December 2006 in Website Critique
My website is http://www.i-mshop.comWhat we are selling?Earphones, headphones and bluetooth.Where are we located?SingaporeOur competitors?Sony, Apple, panasonic, audio tech and all brand related to earphones and bluetoothWhat is our benefits?Our products has better quality than our competitors because we uses PTC Windchill to control Data, innovate  and drive customer satisfaction. It is a new cutting edge technology in earphones that allow crystal clear  music and it is also suitable for all audio players.The advantages is that the earphones is comfortable to wear than normal earphones, it is light so whenever you wear it on you won`t feel like there is anything in your ear. They provide 3 different ear-plug just to cater to different range of customers and ear size. It was rated 4.5 by a earphones expert which is very close to audio-tech brand. Sony was rated 4. The links are below, so you can have a look later.And the price is actually much lower than their competitors. Some customers who brought the earphones said it was good and very comfortable.What is the disadvantages?The disadvantages is that there is not much marketing about this brand and most of the retailers or website about it is in Korean language. So only people who understand korea will be able to know the products. Another thing is that there is not much retailer outlets that distribute this products so the distribution channel is much as wide as their competitors. We do not have much capital as we are a newly established company.What are we looking for?First we are looking to improve our website as the person who is doing the website is ME! and i do not have much capital and stuff to spend on hiring web designer because i want to spend more on advertising and marketing. So looking at some very basic function or any tutorial which can guide me along before i can hired a designer to re-design it.Next is we are looking for retailers overseas or local to increase our distribution channel. Seeking for retailers related to electronic, mp3, mp4 and mobile phones. We allow dropshipping if there is any ebay-seller interested. We also allow a minimum order of 30 for bulk order. This 30 product can be any product we are distributing. I got an advice from http://forums.hardwarezone.com/showthre ... t=1176673&http://forums.hardwarezone.com/showthre ... t=1457428&http://forums.hardwarezone.com/printthr ... ?t=1163140We have distribute our product to more than 40 store islandwide, here are some store:1.X`IT Systems Pte Ltd2.Michael Multimedia Accessories3.A Genuine Technology4.Lucky Store5.iWorld Concepts Pte Ltd6.AJVW Electronic Shop7.20 Popular Book Company Pte Ltd storesRegardsMichelle
fuzzyball2006-12-17 3:16:42
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