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Building a web site to generate ad revenue?

tyreedillardtyreedillard subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2015 in Building A Website That Works
I see a lot websites with Google sponsored advertising on their sites. Where can I get real data on the type of revenue you can expect to generate using Google or yahoo sponsored ads. I`m in the business planning stage of a user generated site, and I am researching revenue model options.       


  • RichardBuggyRichardBuggy subscriber Posts: 4
    The usual suspects for revenue areAdvertising revenue (Google AdWords, sponsorship, etc)Selling gear (t-shirts, caps, etc)Premium areas for paying customersIf you have a large user base then you can add selling the company.The conversion ratio for advertising is usually 1-2% but remember your making money by encouraging people to leave your site.As with most web sites the "suck it and see" approach is usually the best. Build your site quickly with the minimum requirements and see how people respond. Once you have a user base then work out how to make money from them.
  • tyreedillardtyreedillard subscriber Posts: 1
    I am researching traffic numbers as we speak. I just don`t want to forecast numbers that are unrealistic. I am seriously considering taking Richards advice and develop a bare minimum  site to test response, and work out the bugs. I hope I can take that data and use it to get an idea about traffic numbers.Thanks guys for the info. 
  • newwardnewward subscriber Posts: 0
    Keep one thing in mind if you are banking on Google AdWords Revenue... Google is moving to a Pay Per Action Beta test model.  That means you will not get paid on a per click basis but only if the visitor then moves to a particular action...
    For example - Your visitor Clicks on the link, goes to the advertisers landing page... the advertisers goal is to have the visitor sign up for their newsletter.  No payment is made (or received by you) unless the visitor actually does just that.
    It`s a boon to advertisers, but could diminish the return on a site that uses google as income.   Also - it unfortunatelly now makes your income based on the advertisers ability (or lack there of) to successfully set up a campaign to create the desired result.
  • kaushankaushan subscriber Posts: 0
    To Newward:Why do you think that Pay Per Action AdSense can diminish income ? Price for this ActionClick will be much more then current PerClick price.From my point of view it will be just cj.com but from other side - sponsors will be thinking about converting rate and publisher will more focused on traffic raising
  • BrutusBrutus subscriber Posts: 2
    I am in the research stage of starting a site based on ad revenue as well.  Like any entrepreneur, I believe that my idea will be a hit.  But I need to do some market research.  I do not know where to start in finding numbers... how many visitors can I expect?  How much will advertisers pay? 
    Can anyone recommend any resources as far as books or websites that could help me get started? 

  • jasonburtonjasonburton subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Google Adsense is good, but if you have quality business site, I suggest that you also use PPC on it for faster revenues.. With other ideas including marketing, designing and newsletters, try get help from experts at http://digitekprinting.com/
  • Mark34Mark34 subscriber Posts: 0
    You should read more sites like http://foundernotes.com
    There are plenty articles about question you just asked. Good luck!
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