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Advertising , without results.

josemigueljosemiguel subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2006 in Marketing
Can they help me? I do not manage to find where I am failing. I have a  production company  of Corporate Video.
The equipment a day with the technology. I put two ads,one in a specializing web of production services,other at local magazine.
Only I have obtained one client for my first year of service.


  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Hey Jose - sounds like you`ve tried two different ad mediums, but they`ve had very limited results in terms of new clients, assuming I`m reading that correctly?I would imagine that when it comes to corporate videos, you probably have a relatively long sales cycle?  Seems like the type of product where the demand shifts rapidly, and you need to do a significant amount of work to convince customers of the need for the product, but that`s just a guess.Which would argue that you may not be able to reasonably expect a huge turnaround on ad investment in the first year - you may need to keep up the effort in order to continue making that impression with potential customers, so that you stay top of mind for when that need does arise for them.If you really require immediate turnaround for every investment, maybe direct advertising isn`t the way to go - perhaps that money would be better spent on face to face interaction through local networking events that put you in touch with the decision makers at your potential customers.  It`s much easier to convey your pitch in that way than trying to pack it into a single ad impression.
  • digitalvision313digitalvision313 subscriber Posts: 3
    Referrals, referrals, referrals, networking, networking, networking.As a fellow multimedia professional working in that same arena (although we focus on synergizing with online content) we`ve positioned ourselves as the expert to our clients.  We`ve done some advertising, but very sparingly in extremely targeted situations.Do some strategic projects for free to bolster your demo reel; I see you do event video, make sure that all the decision makers at that event have material from your company, and give them all copies of the tape.Get that demo reel up!!!  Many times, decision makers when it comes to video go "I want mine to look like that one you did."I`ve got various ideas of what I would change after getting a chance to look at your site... not saying what I do is perfect, but your site and materials could use some work.But alot of people are right - it`s all about word of mouth.
  • admanadman subscriber Posts: 3
    I agree network network network
    but Networking and WOM is NOT free... It costs time.!  But in your case you`ve apparently got more time than money so for now do the networking thing and when the scales shift then you can invest some of your money into branding your business through advertising.
  • EricEric subscriber Posts: 8
    Good advice from everyone for sure.........BUT!..........(There`s always a big BUT) I`m going to beat around the bush just a little here now. Bear with me for a moment.
    I`ve  actually taken the time to visit your website. I`ve looked through each page and then I looked into other South Florida Video Production  companies. Before I continue I`ll just add that I now I know that you are an experienced videographer and you know your craft and after being involved in the industry for over 2 decades I`m not surprised. You should be doing this work and have more work than you can handle.
    OK...I`m around the bush....
    You are not giving the attention to your website that it needs to keep up with your competitors! Your website is your front door.  Your refferals and advertising mean  absolutely nothing if you lose them at your website and you can guarantee that most all people will "check you out" in advance and then they will check out your competitors. This is the rule today. Not the exception.
    What`s wrong with digitalvideofilms.com? (Excellent .com name by the way)

     Awkward  to navigate
    Peppered with spelling and word usage errors (will your work be like that? It would be a big issue with a client even though you offer a review at the production level)
    Constant midi music playing in the background is distracting very distracting very distracting  very distracting very distracting...(it never stops and keeps on playing!!)
    No exceptional examples of your work (One video of a guy jammin` on the drums without text, without transitions, without effects...without all the things you offer..  (The other video didn`t load for me but that could be a problem for others as well so that`s a problem for you too)
    No testimonials, no client list (you`ll have this later of course)
    Listing your prices up front means people don`t have to contact you to get a quote. (make them have to call you)
    Do you offer conversion and  duplication services? ( I know you do but do you say it just so?) Can you turn my old wedding VHS tape into a DVD? (Spell this out)
    You desperately need help with the design and even more so, the content. (You`re ine the business of wowing people visually! You also need more examples of your work. I found a list of 29 South Florida Video Production companies...(a list that I did not find you on by the way,) I would suggest you find out how to get on it. This service came up with a simple google search for South Florida Video Production   Look at the websites of your competitors. They are successful. You have to appear as good or better if you are ever to get business knocking. You know who they are. They are (here are just a few of the 29 that were listed):
    Josemiguel,  I`m known to be frank about certain issues but if you don`t change your image, your troubles will continue.

    Visit your succesful competitors websites. Take notes (you`ll establish a budget later.) Do it even if you don`t have a cent. This step is free.
    Gather all the content you can. Make some more if you have to.
    Get some feedback from past clients and use it.
    Get together with friends, family, business people (The people here at the SuN forum here will be glad to help also of course) Show them your web site and then show them the competitors. Ask them to be honest and how you could improve your web site.. Take more notes. You will build a consensus. Have them point out every error they can find. Give them a dollar for each one and make it fun.....it will be the best money you ever spent.
    Figure out the very best way to clearly lay out your services withou being too wordy or technical.
    Go to elance.com  Register and post your project. It won`t cost anything for a basic project post. It`s a simple process really. state your problem (need help with redesign of www.digitalvideofilms.com</A> ) (Email me if you have problems with this)
    Watch the bids come flooding in.
    Choose a provider
    Work with them to get your website up to par with everyone elses.
    Start fielding phone calls and impressing your clients over the phone the same way you did with your new website (not surprisingly  the reason why they called)
    My apologies for being so forward and matter-of-fact. It`s better this way. I would ask any other people here at SuN forum to do the same when they feel strongly and believe they can make a difference. I also would ask anybody here to correct me if I am out of line on this or if I have made any errors throughout this post. Likewise, back me up if you agree with me. I really would like to see Josemiguel turn this around.
    Never before has the tagline signature at the end of my posts rung so true.
    Best of luck to you Jose. Contact me if you have any questions about what I have said.
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Eric, again... excellent post.
  • EricEric subscriber Posts: 8
    Another point well taken. Thank you for taking the time to respond.  You are right. They could post  prices and  provide an incentive to call. That is completely reasonable and now that you have said it, it sounds good. This is the type of productive feedback SuN is so good for.
     The only issue I have with detailed price lists is that customers sometime associate the price of service with the quality or value. He could be underpricing himself out of some markets and overpricing himself out of others. Is this limiting him? With his current site I can`t possibly say.
    You are 100% right that all markets appreciate a discount and that could definitely be a reason to call digitalvideofilms.com 
    Vince.....Thank pal, you`re very kind.
  • RSchlieperRSchlieper subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Jose,
       I agree with most of the replies especially "networking, networking...".  Time is what`s needed in any business!  I`m not familare with your industry but I do know about networking and advertising.  If you want to put your Ads out into the "world" via Internet and have little $$$ but do have time you may want to try the link in my sig file (below).  It`s a great way to get your business to anyone who`s interested and you`ll find they will come to you.
       Sorry if this seems like an ad but you`ll find people who are interested will be calling you.
    Hope this helps
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