How to find retailers, customer, secure deals, increase sales

fuzzyballfuzzyball subscriber Posts: 5
Hi,I am selling earphones, headset and bluetooth. I wish to target consumers and retailers worldwide. Currently, the business has been running for a week or so, no sales yet but there are lots of feedback, enquires on my products. I operates alone so it is a pretty small business.I wish to find out how do i contact, secure deals with retailers or startup businesses looking for product to sell? Where do i find them?I am also interested to know how to find good sales person like power-seller, i am willingly to give good commission to them. I wish to be-friend with someone who can help me market my product, teach me how to do it.I have advertised in my local forums and in some trading website. I wish to find serious buyers and it seems tough. Please advice, i am very willingly to hear from the expert and opinions of the me . i just do it in 3 days, it is pretty bad, i am figuring and learning HTML at the same time. Anyway, if anyone interested to start a small business, you can email me, i can send you my catalog which i created with everything you need. Thanks


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