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Hi everyone, I have been planning to set up an online shop and for that I would need some real good advices. I am looking to integrate an online payment system on my site rather than a third party system as paypal or so. Would that be right? I need to know more on this ,.,.,,, please help me out.


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    May I suggest you rephrase the sentence where you state" I am looking to integrate on online payment system on my site rather than a third party system as pay pal"
    First of all, If you`re going to integrate a payment gateway system, no matter who you use whether its Authorize.net, or Linkpoint they are considered 3rd party processors just like pay pal.
    I think what you meant to say is "that you want to integrate a payment gateway but you don`t want to use pay pal" . Again more advise, it wouldn`t hurt to add a pay pal option. I personally love pay pal. I like to pay with pay pal rather than using a regular credit card. Why? well because all I have to do is click on the pay pal logo, enter email and password and I am done.
    Remember, its always a good idea to give your customers a second option. 
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    The use of a third
    party system for payment would be an ideal thing to do, but if you can really
    manage your payments online, on your site, it’s not an issue. I would only
    recommend a precaution of purchasing an SSL certificate for your site that will
    enable secure web communication for the payment transfer and also enable a
    professional look for the site. I would recommend SSL
    for the certificates as they have a wide range and you can get good
    price deals on trusted providers like Thawte, Verisign and GeoTrust to name a
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