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Startup problems, need advice

fuzzyballfuzzyball subscriber Posts: 5
Hi,I am new to this forums and I have read some interesting articles in StartupNation.com. I am planning on starting a wholesale company using Blog (this is to save the cost of hiring designer and technical stuff which I am not very familar with). I need some advice on 1) How the paypal works because from what I know, if i deliver the product to my customers and my customers insisted that they did not received and do a reverse charges on me through paypal, what can I do to protect myself? I have made several enquires and yet there is no reply at all from paypal.2) I have some product on hand that I could sell, however I am afraid of pricing issue because the only way I know of promoting is to give free things and to decrease prices to ensure that I have a more compeititive edge. May i know is there any other feasible way because I am afraid that if i set this particular price which is similar to other, no people will buy from me.3) Next, even though I have some product but I got it from a distributor which obviously charge me higher and the amount I earned is not even enough to eat an upsize Macdonald meal for a single product. Is there another way I could find factory made product? I have try many website and I am afraid of the quality and the scaming of such company since the previous time, I got it from a China company. The quality is really bad and I couldn`t even sell it or use it.4) Would it be better for me to register a company under my country (Singapore) business law. This is because, I am worried that if I register, I do not make it in terms of no people buy from me and expenses is incurring everyday, the tendancy of the money being spent on registering is useless. It takes about 100 Singapore dollar to register a business here with proper paper and document.Email me [email protected] because I been reading for the past 2 years and trying out, many times failed.


  • fuzzyballfuzzyball subscriber Posts: 5
    I see, i will post on eBay too. Somehow, not much people shop at eBay in my country. Do you have any ideas how to get great products at very attractive prices.
  • fuzzyballfuzzyball subscriber Posts: 5
    Well, there is definitely some way since we have our own contact. I do have several dealer and manufacturer on hand, but i need to register the business and get a credit card and all the necessary license and document.All these would be quite tough for me because i do not have enough financial support and the amount i requested is rather low to get a loan and i am afraid i would lose all the money on hand.Is there anyway i can minimise the lost, because i know if i can hang on to the business and make it at least break even for 1 year, i can definitely succeed in this.
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