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Finding a Biz Partner

dyanadyana subscriber Posts: 2
Hello, I am having a very difficult time finding a biz partner, for a new franchise/license I have recently purchased.
I want someone to assist in all aspects of this biz, I don`t need an employee. 
The problem I am running into is that everyone wants to be a partner, but has no money to invest and maintain the biz.  I have already put out the cost of the biz, and again need someone to come to the table with the same that I am, money, time, hard work, and great energy.
Also  I know know where to look to find someone in my local area, or even my state.
Can anyone advise.
Thank you


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    dyanadyana subscriber Posts: 2
    thank you very much paula, i have done that, still no luck, but good luck to you in your search
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    dyanadyana subscriber Posts: 2
    hello mike what is intresting?
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    MichelleACMichelleAC subscriber Posts: 0
    Paul is absolutely correct.  There are probably many of us on this site that can and are willing to help you but you just haven`t given us enough information to help you.  Moreover, I would suggest to you to concentrate more on the business services you need from your potential partner instead of the funding (especially if you have already purchased the license/franchise).  Don`t underestimate the value of the services that your potential business parter will bring to your business.
    Good Luck.
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    dyanadyana subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you both Paul & Michelle, you are both very right, so I changed the "posting" and it is listed below, since the change I have gotten some response.I am looking to partner up with either an Event Planner or
    PR/Publicist. Some who wants to add on
    to their existing business.   I am
    looking for a Partner/Co-Director for a National Beauty Pageant. Please do not respond if you don’t have the
    time or money to assist with this biz.I have purchased a franchise/license to be the NY State
    Director for a National Beauty Pageant for women 18-26 yrs old.I need a partner to share in the biz, which includes sharing
    the work, the time and the cost/expenses and profit. As mentioned I have already purchased the
    franchise. We will be sharing the biz. I am located in Westchester
    County, New Rochelle. So I need someone from either
    NYC or Westchester that also does not mind so
    form of travel.I am not going to mislead you, there will be a lot of work
    to make this pageant a success, which is why I feel a PR/Publicist or
    experienced event planner, would work best for this biz.The following are some of the things that need to be accomplished.1.                 
    Setting the date 2008 for our pageant, getting ready
    for Nationals in New Orleans
    summer of 2009.2.                 
    Securing a venue3.                 
    Setting up/registering the biz4.                 
    Creating a website5.                 
    Promoting the pageant to get contestants6.                 
    Getting sponsors for us, and assisting the contestants
    in getting their own sponsors.7.                 
    Securing community service organizations for the
    contestants (that is a requirement for them)8.                 
    Setting up workshops for the contestants9.                 
    Finding the vendors needed for the pageant.10.             
    Need to be available for meetings, but will work from
    your home.If you are ready to add to your existing biz, or ready to
    take on a new challenge, then I want to speak with you.I am looking to get started by 3/1/08. Please feel free to send me an email with
    your contact information, why you feel you will make a good partner on this
    biz, what you have done with your biz, etc.I look forward to hearing from you soon.Thank youDianabarnes3@gmail.com
    Thanks again.
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    MichelleACMichelleAC subscriber Posts: 0
    Awesome re-write.  Good Luck with your pageant.
    I cannot give you all of what you are looking for.  However, since I do have some event "management" experience and a lot of Vendor/Supplier selection and management experience, if you fall short in any of those areas, give me a shout.
    I wish you much success.
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