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Need help to drive people to my website and increase sales

fuzzyballfuzzyball subscriber Posts: 5
edited December 2006 in Marketing
Hi,I recently got this business selling electronic accessories. My target audience is youngster, teenager and anyone who owns a MP3 players or interested in IT stuff. The problem now is, i not sure if i am targeting the correct people as there is NO sales at all after 2 weeks. The product i selling is as good as sony, audio tech, apple products. But somehow, this brand is new and there is not much advertisement by the original brand company. Customers that purchase the products highly recommended this product and there is a review written by someone who is an expert on this kind of stuff about it.But yet, no one purchase it. Is it my price wrong? The price i set is already quite low or similar to the retail price. The audience i target are technology geeks in IT forums and some in those classified forums. I also try to target retails outlet, but i think i approach them the wrong way and i couldn`t get any of them to respond to me after i send them the price list.Please teach me how to close retail outlet sales and to market my product. Is there anyone willingly to be my mentor and guide me along, could advice on me.I posted here for quite sometimes and sometimes there is no reply. I urgently need help or any articles could be useful. Thanks.


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    InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Could you post the URL of your web site?
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    fuzzyballfuzzyball subscriber Posts: 5
    My website is http://www.i-mshop.comMy product is better because the earphones i am selling has a better sound quality than other brand like sony, apple. There are lots of testimony about this products being good by people who purchase it. And the best part is, it is cheaper than their competitors.The disadvantage is that it is a newly launched product thus it is not an established brand and not many people heard about it.
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    ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    First question - why the splash page at your homepage?  What purpose does that serve?Second question - why do you employ frames on the site?Third question - how have you tried to market the product?  This site has little chance of being found unless you`ve done proactive advertising or marketing, so I`d be curious to learn how you`ve tried to market this previously.
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