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How can I start home-based business?

desmonddesmond subscriber Posts: 3
edited July 2007 in Business Planning
hi all,

I have my own pc in my home. Want to start home-based
business and also having internet connection with me. Can I get regular
commission out of it? Is it advisable to start, anyone have experience please
share and explain.



  • aio193aio193 subscriber Posts: 0
    I am not sure what you mean by home-based and how my story can help but my home-based business is my web design business.
    I can work from home and go out to meet my clients. These times (When I`m out) is the most `dangerous`, because if clients need some files or if something didn`t get through email, I`ll need to find the nearests internet hot spot (i bring my external hard drive everywhere) to service the client or come up with an excuse.
    initially it was difficult, working from home and starting up. work was scarce but i knew it was only in the beginning. after 5 months, i have quite a constant flow of work but still the cheques are not that regular but its getting there.
    i met other people who has started home-based business and they range from travel agents to company secretaries.
    hope that helps
  • aaronus96aaronus96 subscriber Posts: 0
    hi ,
    there are several marketing strategies available in the
    internet. but have to decide the trusted one otherwise the result is u will
    loose ur time and u will never get the commission regularly. Also before get
    started with anything you have to learn much about that for that its better to
    read this site www.home-wealth-success.net/
    and you will find some good knowledge and how to
    increase your revenue using internet marketing.

    Hope this helps

  • MerchantServicesMerchantServices subscriber Posts: 4
    I signed my first 200 customers while I worked from home. You can make it work. Many small businesses do, i.e. interior designers, AC/Heating Companies, moving companies, Plumbing companies, painters, landscapers, web designers, Mobile car mechanics, Computer Techs, online retail businesses, Pool cleaners, Home Repair, Telemarketers, electricians, Artists,  etc...
  • JohnalfJohnalf subscriber Posts: 4
    Go for it. You need to find the right type of home based business. Once you find this and are prepared to work at it you can achieve great heights. I am about to launch into another home based business making it a total of 3 that I work from at home (actually I do have an office with a couple of staff). However, this is a home based style business.
  • aio193aio193 subscriber Posts: 0
    3 john? what are they if I may know.
  • JohnalfJohnalf subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi Aio, 2.... with the 3rd to start on june 10th. I am involved in sending traffic to financial institutions in australia, and do the same for gambling  sites, where I am affiliate of a number of online sportsbetting sites.I do deals with people that have traffic and grab a % of sales from deals I have with these orgainisations.The affiliate program with the gambling sites can be lucrative if you have the volume. Volume can be measured by either the number of people under you, or alternatively The size of the wagers that are being placed by those you have.In june I start with a new program that involves network marketing and travel. I try and look for products or services that most people want. I know gambling may not fit into this category, but I got involved in it because of the commissions that were being offered.
  • janispettitjanispettit subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Everybody,Hey!Need small business help,marketing ideas and resources?A brief message from "small business growth" and marketing expert,Make a powerful commitment to build a sustainable business that`s a vehicle not only to financial independence, but to an exciting, joyful life.how to build a profitable business in one year.
  • JohnalfJohnalf subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi JanisREally like your site and will have a good read thru it later tonight... hopefully I may be able to use youregards
  • VegasTonyVegasTony subscriber Posts: 1
    There are definetely two options you must consider before planning to start a home business...Do you already have a product or service that you want to put into the marketplace, or just looking to get "into" a home business..
    There are many existing internet businesses that you can work from home and have good potential with the proper effort put forth. These are called "affiliate" marketing opportunities...The difference is huge. If you are starting your own business from scratch, you have all the start up costs to consider, desigining a website. writing a business plan, marketing strategy, advertising....etc
    With a legitimate affiliate program, this is all done for you and you need only concentrate on driving people to your website. Most of the opportunities now are very minimal start up dollars. When choosing a affiliate type company, look for one that has been around at least 5 years, financially stable, and has a product or service that has a mass market appeal.
  • alicemenezesalicemenezes subscriber Posts: 0
    Home based business can have options like web design, data entry etc.
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