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market research question-manufacturing

ark23ark23 subscriber Posts: 4
edited May 2008 in Business Planning
I apologise if this is the incorrect forum,I do believe it relates to business planning..
I`m currently in the midst of market research,gathering all sorts of data required for my retail business. I do however have a business idea that is currently untapped in australia(
There is definitely a market in australia for it,I know who my main competitor would be(similar concept in bringing it to customer but in a different group i guess).
I have assumed that manufacturing would be cost effective way to do "X".
Now the australian federal budget was released today and after working out the numbers..I still think what I`ve got in mind is still viable..
As much as I need to be getting along with my money raising efforts online I just can`t stop thinking about this idea "X". So i`ve decided i need to contact some manufacturing equipment manufacturer`s  who are located in USA.
I`ll be doing this via email. (I have no money,and not in business)
How do I come across as professional without sounding like a broke wannabe? LOL
I don`t want to sound like I`m ready to purchase straight away.
All i want to know is cost of purchasing the turnkey manufacturing line and shipping costs.
Do i keep the email to one line or two..or write it out like a proper business letter?
(and yes i can write good business emails..I`m just a lazy typist when it comes to forum posts sometimes)
What do you recommend? It`s strange,i`ve sent many emails requesting info before..but contacting what could turn into big $$ transaction down the track is just a tad daunting..
Does anyone know here..
the average cost of manufacturing equipment?
the average costs of international shipping?
average costs in starting a manufacturing business? (not counting marketing,delivering it customer-I just need startup cost estimates..)
I would appreciate any help. If this idea is going to cost way more than retail business idea ..well i`ll have to work out an implementation timeline. It would be a shame becuase I think time is of the essence..
ps; sorry for the rush and long winded post..
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