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Hi Everybody

designdirectdesigndirect subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2014 in New Member Welcome
Introduce about creative web designers in LONDON called Design Direct UK


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    QuikrinfoQuikrinfo subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi ,
    Welcome to Forum from Team Quikrinfo
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    TheResourcefulCEOTheResourcefulCEO subscriber Posts: 0
    Welcome to the Startup Nation forum! I also just joined late last night/early this morning. I look forward to being here, assisting others and getting some assistance.
    Have a great weekend,
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    hawaiianhawaiian subscriber Posts: 0
    Aloha everyone. I'm looking at starting a small liquor store and was just looking for some good advise.

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    DoExportWithMeDoExportWithMe subscriber Posts: 1
    hawaiian said:Aloha everyone. I'm looking at starting a small liquor store and was just looking for some good advise. Mahalo
    1. Identify who is going to buy from you. This is VERY important, also to see how much they can spend on average per month. I guess they will mostly be shopping / living in the area where you plan to put up shop. Ask them what is their favorite drink, if they know how to make cocktails, etc. Anything to give them the impression a new exciting  liquor store is opening soon.
    2. Get practical and draw up a little questionaire, then approach them on street in the area where you intend to put up shop. Arrange beforehand with a supplier for a prize, and in exchange for the potential buyer to win it he have to answer your questions. Get his mobile phone number, and send him a text message later  that day thanking him, with the name of your shop in it. Before the big launch opening, send all of those people a message again, saying the 200th customer will get a free gift (a cooler box, for example) with any purchase.
    3. Try viral marketing methods, in order for people that hear about you to spread the message on your behalf on their Facebook pages. So you need to entice them to do something silly, like the Captain Morgan ads that was wildly succesful. People must form a bond with your store.
    4. Give membership cards out at the door, allowing people some discount or extras to shop again. This works great for building loyalty.
    5. Don't sell the store, sell yourself. When people have the feeling they are friends with the boss of a business your business are guarenteed to succeed.
    Best of luck!
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