How to find an over view of an industry?

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Ok, This is probably a very easy question in which many are already aware of. I am starting to do my research again and want to know how to find it.
1. Research an industry / market and find averages of companies earnings, profits etc.
I think it is very important to know this prior to starting, id hate to be in something and not make enough money, while this is still a possibility with any business it can help, example toys is not that profitable however printing probably is.


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    You want to know how to get all those rough figures for a business plan, pretty much? I got mine by hiring a consultant. I`ve spent about 300 so far, but the information is so worth it. They were able to give me figures for all the possible shapes and forms my cafe could take. I can only imagine that a consultant in the field you`re interested in could offer similar knowledge. My consultants work on a piecemeal basis, and I pay as I progress. If I continue with the entire process, it could cost up to 7,000, but I don`t see it even costing half that. I`d recommend googling "your industry" consultants. You get what you pay for.
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    Hey Stan & Mark,
    Thanks for the info leads! That was just what I needed. I was able to quickly get US market numbers to continue work on my business plan. Zapdata was great. I was able to download two different industry analysis reports with a couple clicks. I`m sure I can fend off the sales calls when they realize I`m a startup...  
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