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Inbound Marketing:Making it Work for Me

DMartinezDMartinez subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2008 in Public Relations

I am a new member and this is my 1st time posting. This website is exactly what I was looking for and I’m happy I found it. I hope to help others the same way this website has helped me.

Let me 1st start by explaining one part of my business.

My Company Napkins4Free aims to help restaurants, bars and night clubs cut back on costs without cutting back on service by providing High quality 4Color process printing on napkins with advertisements for free.  Unlike ordinary style sof Napkin Printing, our company prints a full bleed across the whole napkin(4sides), giving the advertiser the ability to really get his message across. Our designs are contemporary and modern and are stratigically designed for the Restaurant and the Advertiser. 
That translates to additional savings of up to hundreds of dollars monthly for Restaurant Owners! 

The heart of the business for me is to keep restaurants on standby, so when ad advertiser comes along I can plug them into one of the distribution channels.

My current process for getting Restaurants has been through Direct Contact, Direct Mailing or Cold Calling.

Even though the above approach has been working, I’m looking to use more Inbound Marketing as opposed to the Out Bound Marketing approach I’m currently using to get more potential restaurants signed up.

In tough times like this I think this is a perfect opportunity for Restaurants owners to cut cost by allowing our service in their restaurants. The problem is owners think it’s too good to be true.

I currently live in Florida and want to focus on a specific region to expand my Restaurant Databases

What would be the best place to get my information out to these restaurants in an inbound marketing atmosphere?


Here is what I’m thinking, but I need direction as to where to find what I’m looking for:


Find local outlets to get my word out, specifically in the area of Restaurants?


Find local Business websites that I can potentially partner with and get the word out.


Blogs, is this for me, if so, where do I find one local for restaurants?

I’m sure there are many more things but this is a great start.




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    DMartinezDMartinez subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for your quick response Craig, in regards to your post:
    There are a couple of reason towards my madness,
    This business is a 2 step process one is getting the restaurants and the other is getting the advertiser. A lot of my time is being spent on getting the advertiser, once I get the advertiser I then have to rush and get the restaurants. I want to be able to stream line that process of getting the restaurants so that more of my time could be focused on the advertisers.
    I currently do have restaurants on hold waiting for advertisers, but I feel that having a database of Restaurants split up by demographics gives me a strong position when dealing with the advertisers.
    For example if the Tampa Bay bucs is a potential client, telling them that I have this many sports bars in a specific area in tampa makes my position stronger towards the sell.
    I understand that this is not going to work all the time, but I think continung to grow that database of restaurants doesn`t hurt.
    As far as who I want to be calling me, in regards to this question, I`m referring to the Restaurants Only.  I want to setup a presence in my area letting them know about my service.
    My current way of gettings restaurants has been some what successful,but it`s very time consuming and costly.  I just want to streamline the process a little easier buy posting information in the eyes of the Restaurant owners and having them contact me.
    Thanks again
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